The Joys Of The Garden Centre

They say men think about sex every 6 seconds, which might seem like a lot, but currently I think I have this beat as I’m pretty sure I think about décor and homewares every 2.3 seconds right now.


Ever since Ben and I decided to set up home together my thoughts have been full of ideas and plans for how to make our house a home and it’s turned into an obsession. I sit on my sofa of an evening, gazing around the room and picturing in my mind how it’s going to look. I scour the internet looking for inspiration, I read other blogs, I spend inordinate amounts of time listing in my mind what I need to make the vision in my mind a reality, and I am forever wishing I could win the lottery so I could afford what it is I dream of.


One of the things I’ve learnt in my hours online in the quest to find The-Perfect-Something, is that it’s a good idea to move away from the big household brand names and High Street stores, and explore smaller retailers like boutiques and garden centres.




I mentioned before my great love for the green topiary ball that hangs outside my front door – this was purchased from a garden centre in Essex and was much better quality than I’d found in a lot of the big hardware store or homewares shops.


With this in mind I did some online browsing and found another great garden centre website (Chessington Garden Centre) which has a huge variety of items, from furniture to clothing, to garden plants and kitchenware, plus candles, home accessories and other little bits that make perfect gifts.




Not all garden centres allow you to shop and order online, as Chessington Garden Centre does, but if you’re anything like me, being able to find what you want from your desk on your lunch break or the train on your commute home, is ideal.


There’s a few items on my To Buy list from Chessington Garden Centre in the future, so I’m looking forward to ticking them off one by one and getting my house looking amazing.


Do you ever visit garden centres for shopping or do you tend to stick to High Street shops?



Penny xx


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