British Airways – Their Response

You may remember that last year I had a bit of a scary experience when flying with British Airways in which they knowingly risked my health and life whilst I was flying with them (read about it here).


That post garnered quite a lot of interest and I was contacted by numerous other people who had experienced the same – or similar – things, so I thought I should provide you all with an update now my conversation with BA had come to a close.


Following the incident in question, I made a formal complaint to British Airways. I tweeted asking them how long it took roughly to get a response and they responded


“We can’t give an exact timescale but our Customer Relations team work in date order so they’ll be in touch soon.”


So, I waited.


A month after making the complaint I decided to tweet again, as I thought acknowledgement of my complaint, if not a full and formal response, would be reasonable to expect after 30-days.


Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 16.29.41


Having switched over to direct message, I received the following reply from them:


“Thanks for your details, Penny. We’re sorry for the delay in responding. We’ve moved your complaint to our area and reviewed it. We’re concerned about the issues you’ve highlighted. Our staff are highly trained and we’re really proud of the service we offer. However the way our crew dealt with your situation is not acceptable. We’ve sent a report to the manager of the staff member you’ve mentioned who will handle this internally. We understand your complaint is about changes to our policies. We’ve fed your comments back to our Customer Experience team who meet regularly to review any areas where we need to improve. We’re very grateful for your feedback and we certainly value your insight. Thanks again for getting in touch and letting us know what happened. Drop us a Tweet if we can help you with anything else.”


I thanked them for their response and asked if I would be receiving a formal reply from BA as I had written to their complaints department. I said how frightening the experience was and expressed my concern that I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through the same thing – or worse – in the future. BA responded stating that there would be no further contact from them on this matter and their tweet was the only reply I would get, although they could “certainly put it into an email… but the information and response will stay the same”


In all honesty, I’m not sure how I feel about the end point of this situation. They agree what happened was unacceptable and say that my comments have been taken on board and would essentially be added to a list of things they could improve on in the future. These are positives for sure, but I still sort of feel like I was brushed off, being told something just to make me go away and stop making noise about what happened.


I appreciate big changes and reviews to systems can’t be made overnight and the incident I was involved in would not be enough to make a large conglomerate like this alter their procedures, but I’m not convinced anything will alter.


My personal fight with British Airways came to an end with their final tweet to me and, along with it, my relationship with them altogether. The response from them was not such that it reassured me I would safe to fly with them in the future.


Do I feel like the issue was resolved? No. Do I feel like they have taken my comments on board? No. Will I ever fly with them again? No.


The end of this story feels like it is still open slightly, the threads of it unable to be fully tied, but, I have enough common sense to know this is as far as I will get with it.


Thank you to everyone who supported me following my last blog post. I did receive some trolling (shout out to the man who thought I was trying to get myself a private plane – yes, really) but for the most part people were understanding, bewildered and behind me 100%.


We haven’t booked ourselves a holiday for this year yet, but, when we do next take to the skies, I know we’ll be doing so with a company who makes us feel safe.



Penny xx


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  1. Charley New
    January 23, 2016 / 8:12 pm

    I flew with Virgin last year, and we were supposed to be given some mixed nuts as a snack, but were informed that due to a passenger on board with a nut allergy these had been removed and we would be getting crisps instead. I certainly heard of no complaints and can’t understand why anyone would, so for an airline company as big as BA I can’t believe they haven’t taken your complaint more seriously. How embarrassing for them!!

  2. January 23, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    I can’t believe this had happened to you! I’d always thought big airway names like British Airways would be safe. But i guess i was wrong! They obviously haven’t take your complaint seriously which is so rude of them! You’re right to not fly with them again

  3. Alana Narna (@Alana_narna)
    January 23, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    I was flying with Monarch Airlines to Cyprus, and while booking the flight we alerted them that my sister has a Peanut, Cashew and pistachio allergy, so they knew. When we got on the flight we reminded them that it’s on our booking form, and they still came and served her a nut filled meal!! Luckily we weren’t on a long flight as she wasn’t allowed any hot food. As a “sorry” they gave her 4 packaged brownies! She was so scared, luckily her allergy is only if she’s in contact with it!

  4. Nicola
    January 23, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    I have never had a positive experience when flying with British Airways, and they have managed to lose my luggage twice. Virgin on the other hand are brilliant and really professional so I use them whenever possible.

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