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(Week 48, 2015

Life Lately <p> (Week 48, 2015 </p>

Happy December guys – the first day of the final month of the year!


As I told you last week, the cats went into the vets for their dental procedure. As I briefly touched on, they have a genetic condition which means over the years their teeth decline and eventually have to be removed. So, last Monday morning I dropped them in to the vets then waited anxiously for an update.


At around 3.30pm I got a call from the vet who told me that he had only managed to work on Devon as there had been complications in the procedure. Two of his teeth were damaged by the disease and had to be removed, which was expected, but whilst he was on the operating table it was noticed that two of his other teeth were becoming a major problem as they were beginning to fuse with the jaw bone – another part of the condition they have. Because of this, they had to get the teeth out before the situation progressed, but there was a danger of breaking Devon’s jaw while they were doing it.


Thankfully, all went well but it took such a long time that they weren’t able to see to Wilf, so he’s got to go back in the New Year.


I asked the vet if there was anything I could be doing to slow down the progress of the disease but he said all I can do is what I’m doing at the moment – feeding them special dental biscuits and checking their teeth on a regular basis. In fact he said his own cat has the condition and even he hasn’t been able to slow it down, but, although though his cat has no teeth left, it leads a normal life so I can rest easy and assured knowing I don’t have to worry about the boys’ future if their teeth continue to fail as they will still be able to live as they do now.




Poppy spent the entire day looking out the window, pacing up and down the living room, and crying as she wondered where the cats had gone. It was so sweet, bless her!




When I picked them up Devon was still quite out of it – his pupils were hugely dilated and he couldn’t walk straight so we left him to his own devices for the night. He spent the majority of it wandering around and staring into space!


He’s on 3 batches of medication a day which he doesn’t like taking, but he’s pretty good with it and I’ve only been scratched a few times which are never caused out of spite but as he tries to climb over me to get away. He just sulks about it afterwards. He’s got a follow-up appointment this weekend so I’ll update you next week, but he seems to be healing fine and he’s pottering and prancing about the house as he usually does.




I saw this online and it made me laugh – it pretty much sums up my life.




At the weekend we put up our Christmas tree. It was really exciting and special as it’s our first Christmas together – we both love this time of year so I’m really looking forward to it! As we wanted a red and gold theme we opted for warm white lighting and I’m really glad we did, it makes the room so nice and cosy when they’re switched on.




My brother popped round for a little while at the weekend – I’m pretty sure Poppy has no idea how big she is, she desperately wants to be a lapdog!


Ben was out Friday night and all of Sunday so aside from fighting to medicate a cat and putting up the Christmas decorations, this week has been fairly quiet for me with nothing particular to note, but next week’s update should be a little more interesting as I’ve got a blogging event on Wednesday evening and at the weekend it’s my Dad’s birthday so we’ll be having a little get-together for that which I’m looking forward to.


Have a good week everyone and make sure to check back here for new posts over the coming week!



Penny xx


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