#WowMe32Red {AD-GIFTED}

A few months ago, back at the beginning of the summer, I was in my local Asda and – as I always do – I had a little browse in the homewares aisle. (I can’t go in any shop without checking out their homes and interiors bits!)


Whilst wandering around my eye was caught by an item that I instantly fell in love with, but as it wasn’t a necessity I determinedly passed it by. However, no sooner had I got home than I was filled with regret. I’m a great believer in only filling your home with items you love and the fact I’d walked away from something I’d liked so much from the instant I laid eyes on it kept playing on my mind.


I told myself that if it was still on the shelf the next time I went to Asda I’d buy it, letting the decision land in the hands of fate. If it was meant to be mine, it would be there, but if it was gone it was never meant to be.


Cue heartbreak when on my next visit I saw it wasn’t there.


So, when I received a surprise package from 32Red the other week as part of their #wowme32red campaign, you imagine my surprise when I opened it and found that inside was the very item I had loved and lost!




It even comes with the little airtight jars which are a nice addition, perfect not only for storage but for serving smoothies, fruit juices, cocktails or even desserts like Key Lime Chia in. I could not be happier!


This is going to come to good use in the summer when we have the annual BBQ Fest with our friends – a weekend long barbecue full of friends, food, music, sunshine and – next year – this little beauty storing a homemade punch mix. I can’t wait!


Thank you 32Red for sending this to me, you really have put a huge smile on my face!



Penny xx


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