Simple But Effective Ideas For Protecting Your Home {AD-SPONSORED}

As we are both wannabe avid travellers, we are often away from our house for medium to long periods of time. I’ll be honest; we don’t think much about home security when we are on our trips away. But, there is a moment just before we get home that we always wonder if something might have happened.


The truth is, we should all probably take out home security a lot more seriously – especially when we get older. Although burglary figures are down overall, there are some places the UK that are far worse than others. So, I thought I would look into some simple ways of ensuring there are no break-ins into our home, whether we are there or not. Here’s what I found.


Watch Your Keys
There have been plenty of stories about people being targeted for their cars recently. Organised criminals will follow you home, find out where you live, and wait for you to go to bed. Then it’s a case of unhooking your keys from the key hook with a long stick or instrument and driving off with your vehicle. You can read this article for more details. Scary stuff, right?

So, if you have your key hooks close to the doorway, move them around a corner so they can’t be seen. Also, if you ever lose your keys, how sure are you that they haven’t been stolen? Always hire a locksmith if you can’t find your keys. You will need your locks changed, as soon as possible, because you just never know where they might have gone.


Understand How Burglars Work
Most burglaries are opportunistic. It will be someone walking by your home, and they spot an open window they can get through. It can happen just like that, and they can be in and out in the space of a couple of minutes. It is very unlikely that someone will target you – and you would be unlucky to have a professional thief enter your home.

So, the key to avoiding the vast majority of burglaries is to make sure you are aware of all your entry points. Close your windows – even if you are just leaving a room. Fix good locks onto everything, and also remember to keep your garden clear of tools. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that the sight of a garden spade or heavy object in your garden can be enticing for a burglar.


Night Safety
Burglars hate two things: light and noise. So, get some motion sensor lights for your garden, first of all. It might be irritating for a short while, as they tend to go off every time the cat goes out on a prowl! But, as soon as someone approaches the house, those bright lights will scare even the hardiest burglar away.

Also, think about having soft gravel put down on your driveway.You won’t even notice the noise it makes during the day, but at night? Every footstep can sound like a thunderclap to a burglar. Of course, a good alarm system will also ward off most burglars. Getting one installed is a great way of feeling more secure when you go to bed and hit the lights.


OK, so there are my simple home security tips. None of them are particularly costly, but they are all effective. What about you? Anything to share?



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