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(Weeks 43-44, 2015)

Happy November everyone! Halloween has been and gone, Bonfire Night is on it’s way and Christmas is just a few short weeks in the distance! Normally I’m a real Christmas fiend, getting organised well in advance and planning everything down to the finest detail, but this year with everything else going on and a severe shortage of cash, it’s all sort of fallen by the wayside. But, rather than stress myself out thinking about it, I’ve decided to just roll with it this year and save my over-the-top Christmas planning for next year instead when I don’t have so much going on.


image2The cold weather has definitely arrived, I’m having to don a jacket whenever I leave the house and the long sleeves are back in use. I dug this old poncho out from the depths of my wardrobe, a purchase from Tesco’s F&F Clothing a couple of years back, and it makes me feel all snug and warm (as well as a bit of a superhero due to its swooshiness).


image3Ignore the mess in the background please – I’m midway through decorating so the house is a state – but LOOK how cute this little tail cuddle is! Although sometimes these two have their tiffs, generally they love each other, and it’s so sweet to see!


image4As the boys were so well looked after by the cattery when we went on holiday, I wanted to send them a little thank you – a letterbox cake from Bakerdays seemed like the perfect gift and they loved it when they received it!


image5Never let it be said that these three don’t know how to get comfortable!


image6With the arrival of autumn comes the obligatory use of plum-tone lipsticks. Pale skin all my own; no need to filter when you’re this pasty!


image7Step one of making my house a home – I bought this much longed after topiary ball for outside my front door. It’s only something small, but it makes me smile every time I see it and, to me, signifies the start of creating somewhere I can really live, rather than just being somewhere I lay my head.


image8I received the most incredible kindness from two of my friends – Sian and Dan. I didn’t own a winter coat so was browsing online for something to keep me warm when I’m outdoors when I stumbled across this one and fell in love – only trouble was, it was over my budget. Cue a little heartbreak and yet more scrolling, looking for something £15 or less. Imagine my surprise when Sian and Dan message me to tell me it’s mine; they’ve paid for it for me. I was honestly lost for words. The friendship these two have shown me in the past few years I’ve known them has been incredible, and then to do something like this for me, a random act of kindness ‘just because’, absolutely blew me away. I really am lucky to know these two and to be able to call them my friends.


image9Since getting Poppy, writing has been a little bit more difficult than usual – mainly because I struggle to reach the keyboard…


image10On Saturday morning I woke with a thousand jobs to do, sat down to have a cup of tea and then this happened – Devon fell into a deep sleep whilst snuggled up to me and with his paw in my hand. Needless to say, my errands had to wait while I made the most of this moment.


image11I’ve always said I couldn’t be with a man my pets didn’t like – think I might be alright with this one…


image12I’ve never been a lover of gin, but we were sent this Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin to review – a full post will be going online soon but the short version of the story is; it’s so good, I love it!


image13Dad and I went to see one of our favourite bands, Blake, and they were incredible, as always! I’ll blog about them soon; I always seem to have epiphanies when I see them, and this occasion was no exception!


image1The paperwork for the house all went through and Ben and I are now officially living together! We toasted this on Friday evening with a bottle of champagne.


At the moment my life is work, housework, work, decorating, work, sleep, but I have so much content I need to share with you on here so I’m going to hopefully try and consciously book out some time each week to sit down with my laptop for dedicated blogging time. Life is just rushing by so quickly…!


Have a good week everyone!



Penny xx


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  • Georgie says:

    How can you say you are broke when…….. you have had 2 holidays , 1 week and a weekend. You are decorating. You are drinking champagne. You bought a silly green ball. Your cats, (that you paid to put in a cattery, I presume, are looked after, which is the job that you paid for, ) send a cake! And all this from the woman who says she is broke and CANT afford a coat, so accepts one from her friends, who feels sorry for her. WHY!!!!

    • Penny says:

      Hi Georgie

      Thanks for your comment, I thought I’d respond on the points made.

      The holidays – one we saved up for, as most people do. The other was free as were were with staying with friends.
      The cattery – also saved up for. As for sending them a thank you cake, that’s a nice thing to do, I don’t think I need to justify thanking someone for good service.
      The decorating – this is a necessity as my previous housemate took down all the wallpaper and dado rails. I buy paint as and when I can afford it which is why it’s going to take months to complete.
      The coat – this was a gift from friends which I initially declined but they said they wanted to send me as a thank you as repayment for all the things I have done for them in the past.
      The green ball – I had a voucher to spend.
      The champagne – yep, I bought this, but it was £13.99 and we were celebrating.

      As for me being ‘broke’, you don’t actually know my financial situation so probably shouldn’t presume, but the process of amending tenancy agreements and the fees that are associated with it are quite large. I budget for everything in my life carefully, I run spreadsheets to manage my outgoings – this month, that budget has been added to substantially by these additional costs. So, yes, I am suffering financially, but I’m not going to apologise for careful saving, spending vouchers I’ve been given, or having friends return favours.

      • Georgie says:

        Ok. So you have justified all the expenses. You may think I was harsh to judge you, perhaps I was. But for people who are on a tight budget or are at breaking point financially, it doesnt appear that you are struggling when you document all the outgoings. Hats off to you if you manage to spend wisely and can make and grab savings and opportunities that make your life better, happier and worthwhile. It beats living the 9- 5 drudge, and robotic way of life that we all seem destined to have. Go for it. Happy blogging and dont quit. (You’re quite good at it) 😉

        • Penny says:

          Hi Georgie, thanks for commenting again, it really means a lot to me that you’ve taken the time to message me again. I think, sometimes, when all we do is document the good stuff it can look like we’re living the high life when in fact there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we aren’t sharing with the world. Your comment gave me food for thought though; perhaps I should show some of the crappy bits of life as well sometimes? Thank you again for your comment, feel free to ever drop me a line again, whether that be on here, by email or on social media; I’m always up for a chat xx

  • Georgie says:

    Hey, my intention was not to make you feel crappy but highlight how only posting positive things can actually have a negative impact. Its nice to know you are normal, like the rest of us, and have crappy days.

    • Penny says:

      You’re so right; I’ve posted about ‘big’ negative things that have happened to me in the past, but I guess the smaller things feel like moaning if I mention them. Your comments are taken on board though, I’ll definitely be sure to make sure my life doesn’t look like it’s sunshine and roses all the time! (I mean, I have to go home and clear the garden of dog poop tonight, ugh! haha) xx

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