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As you know, at the moment, Ben and I are in the process of doing up our little home. We are decorating top-to-bottom (after a rather disastrous attempt by my previous housemate left 75% of the place in need of TLC, eek!) but as well as the inside, we also need to do some work to the outside space – ie the front and back gardens.


Having been thinking our little postage-stamp-sized piece of the world, I began to think about how under utilised it can be during the summer – I mean, this year I think I have probably spent no more than 4 hours in total out there. Not only because the good old British weather means it’s often too damp, but also because it’s mostly paved and has lots of bushes in it, it doesn’t feel like the sort of space you can sit down and relax in. However, with my Penny The Planner head on, I’ve begun to think about what we can do to make it a more enjoyable space for when the sun comes back out in 2016.


Invest In A Parasol
We have a garden table and chairs, but we don’t own a parasol as yet – something definitely on the To Buy list! Parasols are a great investment because they are so versatile; you can use them to shade you from the hot summer sun or, more than likely in good ol’ Blighty, to protect you from the rain! Depending on the space available there are quite a few different kinds you can buy – floor-standing, wall-hanging, classic, modern, plain or a bit fancy-pants. As we’re in rented accommodation we’ll have to stick with a floor-standing one… we’ll just need to work out where we can store it…


Keep Warm
Once the cold evenings come rolling in, it can be a little bit painful to spend time outdoors, but with a garden heater, a nice big jumper and some cosy blankets, you and your guests can still enjoy your outdoor space without fear of hypothermia. There’s something quite special about being all snug outside while the air around you is cold.


Find Plants That Will Survive All Weathers
I have absolutely no knowledge about plants. None. Nada.  Not a clue. However, I do know that there are some hardy plants out there that can live the whole year round – these all-weather plants will keep your garden looking loved and alive all year round. I’ve got the black trough style planter shown below that I’m yet to find a use for; any suggestions welcome!




Think Carefully About Your Furniture
span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Living outdoors is hard work whether you’re man, beast or furniture, so you need to make sure you buy furniture that is designed for outdoor use and isn’t going to be ruined by a bit of cold, wet or warmth. Plastic furniture suffers in sunlight, cushions can become damp and turn mouldy before you know it, and wood can be come weather-beaten and worn. We’ve got a metal and glass table but even that has suffered from it’s life outside, with a little bit of rust and water marks on the class. Once you’ve decided what sort of furniture you want, research how you can best protect it to give it a longer life and keep it looking better for longer.


Get Yourself A Shed
Our garden doesn’t have space for a shed, but we do have a little waist-high storage unit which is handy for keeping the garden chairs and Poppy’s paddling pool (which she hates!) in. There’s also the potential to turn a shed into a little extra space, whether that be a She-Shed or a Man-Cave.


I hate gardening with a passion, but I’m looking forward to making my little part of the world look good. Roll on Springtime!



Penny xx


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Enjoy Your Garden In All Weathers

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