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Dating should be the most exciting time in any couple’s life. It’s where the magic of falling in love begins, but, even when you’ve been together a while, it’s important to spend quality time enjoying yourselves rather than arguing over who’s doing the washing up or which one of you left the bathroom light on.


So, with your relationship being such an important thing, why stick to dinner and a movie? Why not be a bit more creative with how you spend your time together and add some spice to those date nights of yours by doing something a little different?


If you want to shake things up a bit and try something different for your next date night, why not try out some of these ideas…


image24Go On A Road Trip
Road trips can be spontaneous or meticulously planned out. Either way they are loads of fun. Has your other half ever mentioned wanting to go to a specific place? You could plan a mini trip there for the day (or a long weekend like Ben did when he took me on a surprise weekend to Rome – read about that here in parts 1, 2 and 3). Perhaps you’d both love to see the London eye up close? (To be honest, anything in London is a winner for me, as you know). Or try something a little closer to home; perhaps an antique fair or food festival. With so many different options a road trip is limitless. It’ll be exciting, will create a whole heap of memories for you and you’ll be guaranteed a great day out. It’s a nice little extra to create a playlist for the journey too, everyone loves a good sing-song in the car!


Make A Treasure Trail
This date can be as complicated or as simple as you like (and is one I’ve always secretly hoped someone will do for me one day!). It would work particularly well if you are celebrating an anniversary or something too as it can be pretty romantic. Buy or make some card that you can write instructions on. Once written, write a number on each envelope and leave number one for your other half to find. Each card should contain a clue as to the location they have to get to next. Make sure each location has some significance to you both, maybe making the final destination their favourite restaurant or place and be there waiting for them. You’ll probably need some assistance with this one, so call on your wing-men/wing-women and the staff of any locations you’re getting involved and it’ll take some of the pressure off of you. (I’m pretty sure this is harder than I’m making it out to be here, but it’s worth giving it a go, right?)


Have a Living Room Picnic
Picnics are not just for the outdoors! Clear a space in the middle of your living room, lay down a blanket and some cushions to make it comfortable, then lay out some nibbles and goodies plus some classic picnic food. Get settled down and take the time for a good chat – life goes so fast we can go weeks without really talking to the people in our lives – or put on a film and get snuggled up. Increase the romance with the addition of candles, or increase the awesome by making a blanket fort. (Just because I’m 30 it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good blanket fort!)


I love having quirky little dates as I’m an advocate for spending my money on making memories rather than materials things, so any other tips you can share for unique date ideas would be gratefully accepted – add them in the comments below and, as always, let me know if you give any of these a go!


Penny xx


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  • Paula says:

    Me and Stephen love a good road trip! Oh, and we’re going for a cheeseboard and wine tomorrow afternoon, which I think is a nice wee date and not just your standard meal or drinks. 😉 x

    • Penny says:

      Ahhhh I really want to do a cheese and wine night, they look so good! It’s definitely on our To Do list for some point in the future; I’m very jealous! xx

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