Planning an Autumn Holiday the Clever Way {AD-SPONSORED}

It’s October tomorrow which means there is no getting away from it – Summer has officially gone. Bye Summer, I’ll miss you.


But, I’m feeling pretty chipper about the loss of my favourite season this year and Ben and I have booked ourselves a bit of autumn sunshine and in a few days I’m going to be laying on a beach, sipping cocktails in the sunshine. OH BOY.


I’ve never been on an autumn beach holiday before, but I’m thinking this is definitely the way forward – enjoy the summer here, then pack our bags and fly off into the heat when the temperatures start to drop here in Blighty – sounds ideal, right? So here I’m sharing my tips for planning a little autumn holiday.


What are the Benefits of a Holiday in Autumn?

Choosing to go on holiday in autumn rather than in the summer can be a great option for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it offers something a little out of the ordinary as almost everyone seems to go away on holiday in the summer, plus it should be a little quieter as the summer holidaymakers have gone back to work/school so less fighting for the sunbeds!

Despite the fact I’m not a fan of Autumn I do think it’s a beautiful time of year and those orange and brown tones on the trees can deliver quite a magical feeling when you’re in the right location – I thinking it would be something special to visit Bishops Castle Barn at this time of year!


Pick Somewhere with Variety

The most important thing to take into consideration when you’re choosing an autumn holiday destination is the variety the location offers. You don’t want to go somewhere that relies on the weather being good because you have no idea whether the sun will be shining, or the rain will be pouring and the last thing you want to do is be trapped in your hotel room with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

You should also look for somewhere that has lots of things that you can do inside if the worst happens and the weather prevents you from going outdoors. You don’t want to be disappointed and have the holiday spoiled by the weather. So, think about all eventualities and take them into account when choosing the destination.


11863392_901934393212118_2516649527277191057_nThere was loads to do in Edinburgh even when the sun wasn’t shining.


Focus Your Budget on the Accommodation

If you ask me, a large portion of your budget should go on the accommodation. This is because, unlike in the summer, you can’t 100% rely on the weather to be good, so you may end up spending more time in the hotel than you might hoped to.

This means you ideally want to be staying somewhere of a high standard and that offers comfort. If you choose a break in Looe by the sea in an established holiday destination, for example, there will be lots of great hotels for you to explore. So, start browsing all the accommodation options you can find on the internet.


Time it Carefully

The school calendar calendar will have an impact on when you choose to go away whether you have children yourself or not. If you don’t have children, you probably don’t want to book a holiday during the school holidays because you’ll find that all the hotels and destinations will be packed and the prices for this time of year tend to be higher too. I like to book my holidays during school term-time for the best prices and quieter destinations.



Are you planning an autumn getaway? Do you have any other great travelling tips?


Penny xx


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