My 30th Birthday – A Weekend In Rome (Day 3)

Day 3 of our weekend in Rome arrived and Ben told me he hadn’t planned anything for us to do as he wanted to keep a day free for us to venture out and do whatever took our fancy. After eating Maltesers in bed for breakfast, we headed down to the basement of the hotel to spend a bit of time in their spa. We were the only people using it so had the entire space to ourselves, spending a little while in the sauna, an even shorter amount of time in the steam room (it was so hot!) and then floating about in the Jacuzzi pool for an absolute age. As I’m scared of water I stuck to the sides and steps like a limpet, but Ben seemed to be enjoying himself as he drifted this way and that with the power of the bubbles.


After our relaxing morning, we decided to visit the Vittorio Monument which we had walked past a few times over the previous couple of days. This is a building – a huge building – built in the Victorian era and situated right between Mussolini’s palace and the Colosseum.




The roof top was accessible by a lift for just 7 Euros and from the top you could see right across Rome. It wasn’t until I was up there that I could really appreciate the sheer scale of the City and all the buildings it contains.




The view from that rooftop was incredible and as I stood there with Ben, having celebrated my 30th birthday in a City I’ve dreamt of visiting for so many years, I felt so content and happy. I may not have an amazing job, I may live in a house I don’t own, and I may not have any savings in the bank, but at that moment, I looked at my life and the people I have around me, and I felt like the richest girl in the world.




The remainder of our day was spent drinking bubbles in a cafe outside the Pantheon (another ‘pinch me!’ moment), having dinner and taking a midnight stroll around the City to see the sights lit up after dark. Although we were both shattered by that point, I’m so glad we did it.


P1030048 P1030066 P1030074 P1030103


I’ve told you all, more times that I could begin to count, that I was looking forward to turning 30 as it was a milestone; a chance for me to look back at the last decade of my life and forward to the next 10-years, spread out in front of me like a empty page waiting for me to write my story. This weekend was the perfect way to end one chapter and begin the next. I said goodbye to my 20s in Rome and I said hello to my 30s with a heart full of love and happiness. I couldn’t have asked for more than that.


Thank you Ben for the best weekend of my life.


(We made a video of our time in Rome, you can view it by clicking here or the image below)


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 14.59.21



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