Essential Kitchen Gadgets I Think Everyone Needs {AD-SPONSORED}

Not everyone who loves food enjoys cooking, but a lot of people do. And, if you like cooking, you have to have a kitchen that’s practical and you enjoy being in. If you want to make the most of your kitchen, there are some essential gadgets that you have to have. and there are some things I wouldn’t be able to survive without. If I didn’t have them, cooking or even making myself a snack would be a lot harder. As much as I would like to have a personal chef in my kitchen all the time, until I win the lottery, I’ll to settle for these appliances.


11037699_785214831564390_4149968512380033144_o-1024x682The amazing kitchen in Bishops Castle Barn, Shropshire


Toaster and Kettle

These two are no-brainers; you’ll find a kettle and a toaster in almost every British home. What would you do in the morning or before bed if you couldn’t have a hot drink and a piece of toast? And there’s much more they can do than just get you a cup of tea and toast. Kettles are useful for anything that you need boiled water for as they’re much faster than waiting for water to boil in a pan. And with a toaster you can make yourself anything from a bagel to Poptart. I couldn’t live without these two appliances, but they have to look good in my kitchen too.



Making your drinks interesting can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes I get stuck drinking nothing but water and tea, which isn’t too healthy, as well as being boring. A juicer is one of the best gadgets you can have if you want to have healthy, tasty drinks all the time. Instead of drinking squash or surviving on caffeinated beverages, you can look at the best juicers available. A juicer helps you extract all the nutritious juice from your fruit or vegetables and you can combine any ingredients you want. The most popular combinations I seem to see online are a mix of strawberries and apples or kale and wheatgrass.


Stand Mixer

If you like baking, a mixer is one of the best gadgets you can have; I had one a few years ago but had to sell it eBay when times were a little financially tough. It saves your arms whenever you need to mix, beat or combine anything and although a hand-held mixer is fine, a stand one is much better as you can set it on the counter and leave it to go while you do something else. Many of them have lots of different attachments, like beaters, a balloon whisk and a bread hook meaning you can make a variety of different things..



Blenders are definitely a useful addition to any kitchen. The one thing I like them best for is making soup, although they can be used for lots of other things too. As with a mixer, you can get a hand blender or one that stands on your worktop, both of which are good, although¬†if you have a standing food processor with a cover, it’s more efficient and less messy. I couldn’t get through winter without the ability to make a good soup!


These may all seem a little obvious but truly, the most essential kitchen gadgets aren’t always the fancy ones, you only need the basics if you want your kitchen to be functional.


Penny xx


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