Review: Bourgee Restaurant, Southend

Review: Bourgee Restaurant, Southend

Hiya gang, hope all is well in your world today?


In my 30 Before 30 list I said that I wanted to have one date night a month with K as we honestly spend so little time together. I worked it out the other week and between a Monday and Friday we spent less than 5 hours (awake) in each others company. How crazy is that when we live together? We’re just so busy – I guess it stops us getting bored of each other though, eh?


So, with it in mind that I wanted to spend dedicated time together, a few weeks ago on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, I clambered out of bed, wrapped up warm and went to watch his team play football. After that, we hopped in the car and ventured over to Southend-on-Sea to try a new steak and lobster restaurant that has just opened on the seafront, Bourgee.


I’d actually been invited to their launch but couldn’t make it, however, having read the reviews of those that did attend, my expectations were high; people seemed to love it!


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 4


As I said, it’s situated on the seafront (well, there’s a road between, but it’s still on the esplanade) and is next door to the well known Kursaal. My parents actually used to go to the Kursaal on dates when they first met, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the building and always think of them whenever I see it. It fills me with a feeling of nostalgia as I try and imagine them walking hand in hand along the same pavement as me. As they walked, they had no idea that one of their future babies would follow in those footsteps – it’s quite a magical feeling I think.


Anyway, on to Bourgee itself…


Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door and shown to our table. One thing I have to say here before I say anything else is that the staff there are brilliant. They’re engaging, polite and friendly without being too ‘in your face’ or pushy. They somehow managed to make us feel like we were their prime focus and priority; something I think is difficult to master. A definite 10/10 for that, I couldn’t fault them at all.


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 3


Once seated we were given a drink while we browsed the menu. K opted for his usual beer whilst I had a glass of Prosecco (I love bubbles, I do!) The glass it was served in wasn’t the usual flute you would expect, but it certainly felt very special – I told K we need to get some of these for home so I can feel elegant whilst drinking tap water haha!


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove


Decor-wise, I love the look. It’s plush, comfortable and elegant. You could be forgiven for forgetting where you were as it has all the styling of a glamorous cocktail bar in a vibrant city centre.


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 5 Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 6


After perusing the drinks menu, we opted for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (as I always do – so predictable!)


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 10 Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 2


Whilst we had been looking at the menu, we were shown the various cuts of steak that were on offer to help us decide what to order. Bourgee are actually the only people in the UK to use the type of beef they do, it’s produced and distributed just to their restaurants (spoiler: it’s good!)


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 9


For starters, K ordered the lobster lollipops and I had mozzarella and tomatoes with dill. As I’m allergic to shellfish I couldn’t try the lobster but K said it was really nice, although the dip was cold and he expected it to be warm. My salad was lovely and much larger than I had expected it to be. I wolfed the lot down and forgot to offer K any to try (as he reminded me once I’d finished). For some reason he seems to think I’m the sort of girl that would share her food. No chance buddy.


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 8


For the main course we both opted for the roast dinner. We’re British and it was Sunday, what can I say??


Again, portion size was good and both the roast potatoes and the Yorkshire pudding were really nice – something that can be quite difficult to pull off successfully when cooking on a large scale. The beef was delicious too. I only ever eat my meat well done as I can’t bear the sight of any pink or blood, however this was so good I didn’t even notice the pink bits!


But, let’s be honest. All we really want to know about is dessert, right?


Bourgee Southend Essex LilliesandLove 7


K opted for the apple tart while I went for donuts. And oh-my-lord, they were good. The donuts themselves were lovely and fluffy on the inside while their outer case was crispy with a perfect covering of cinnamon sugar. Presentation, as with every course, was great too; I loved the fact they were spilling out of the little paper bag, it made me think of buying donuts at a fair or on seaside holidays.


So, scores out of 10 for Bourgee Southend? It has to be a 9 – the decor and styling is great, the menu is extensive with a good selection of dishes to choose from, the food is great quality and tastes incredible, plus the staff are brilliant too.


Whilst we were there, one of the owners was there having lunch with his family and we got talking to him. This restaurant is just one of many they are planning on opening all over the country and, I’m pleased to hear, they are going to be opening another one in Essex which is really accessible from where I live so I’m sure I’ll be popping in there many times in the future!


Keep an eye on their website and Twitter account to see where their next branches are opening; I 100% recommend you stop by there whether it’s for a meal or a couple of drinks on a night out. I predict big things for Bourgee in the future.


Thanks for having us guys; we’ll be back soon!


Penny xx


PS I made a little YouTube video of our visit which you can view by clicking here.



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* This meal was provided to us free of charge for review purposes but, as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own (and K’s!) *



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