Review: Low Cost Technology – Is It Any Good? | LilliesandLove

Review: Low Cost Technology – Is It Any Good?  |  LilliesandLove

If you’re familiar with this blog, you’ll know that I’m battling debts and have been on a spending ban since July 2012.  However, back in my ‘previous life’ I didn’t have any such money worries and spent rather than saved – something I regret now, obviously.  If I’d been sensible and saved money I wouldn’t have ended up in the mess I did!

Anywho, no point looking back, life is about learning from mistakes and taking the silver linings of any situation and using them to your advantage.

The postive that has come from my debts is my new respect for money and my realisation that you don’t have to pay top dollar to get a quality product.  When I had my house, I used to have a fake chimney breast with floating glass shelves lit from behind with LED’s (which looked awesome when watching a film) and one remote control unit that controlled everything from the TV, to the sound system, to the lighting. (However, I always have cold hands so the remote couldn’t tell I was pushing the buttons, so it was useless to me, haha!)

At the time, the sound system was a Bang and Olufsen one and, I can’t lie, it was pretty awesome.  I used to plug my iPhone into it while I was doing housework or gardening and have a little disco while I was working – we all do that, right?

But, when I left the house, I left behind pretty much everything – sounds system included – and now, play music directly from my phone, which obviously isn’t quite as loud or as good quality.

So, when the lovely people at Debt Free Direct offered for me to road test two low-cost speaker systems in order to prove their theory that you don’t have to spend lots of money to have the good things in life (see their blog post here for more money saving ideas), I was over the moon – finally Bedroom Karaoke could recommence!  (Sorry neighbours!)

The first item they sent me was this speaker dock from Asda, which retails at just £20.00.  With an Apple connector at the front, this is extremely similar to the B&O unit i had before, but a heck of a lot cheaper!

It comes with a mains connector if you want to use it at home, or you can fit batteries and use it on the move (at the park/beach for example).

The sound quality is great too – have a listen below:
Song – Hey Sharona by The Knack
Not only does it sound great, but it looks good and is a perfect size to take away and to have at home!
The next item they asked me to review was the Asda mini portable speaker, which retails at just £6.00  – yes, SIX POUNDS!

The unit itself connects to the phone via a short cable and has an on/off switch too.  I really liked it as not only is it small enough to pop into a bag for a weekend away, but I think it would be great to have in my car, which is too old for an iPhone connection.  I could simply plug my phone in, pop this on the passenger seat or in the centre console and listen to my choice of music while I’m out and about!
I’ve recorded a little video of this speaker in action too, so you can judge it’s capabilities for yourself…
Song:  Get Up and Dance by Deborah
Overall, I’m really impressed with both of these products and – as much as it’s nice to have expensive things sometimes – I don’t think I could justify buying a more expensive speaker than these two.  For just £20.00 the docking system provides great quality sound and can be used at home or away, whilst the £6.00 version is just such a bargain I think you’d have to be crazy not to give it a whirl!
I’m forever listening to music around the house and these two are just perfect for the job – in fact, I think the smaller one will take up residency in my handbag!
What do you think of these two products?  Would you rather spend more on a brand name, or are you be happy to buy a supermarket product at a lower cost?
Penny xx
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