City Marque Serviced London Apartment{AD-REVIEW}

As you know, K and I are pretty busy people which means that we don’t get a huge amount of time together, therefore when we do get some quality time, it really means a lot to me.
I was lucky enough to be chosen by City Marque to take part in their ‘100 Bloggers, 100 Nights’ campaign which, as the name suggests, allowed 100 bloggers across the country to stay in one of their serviced apartments for a night.  As we had something to do in London the following day, it seemed like a perfect excuse to treat K to a night away from home!
We were allocated a studio apartment in their City location which is slap-bang opposite Liverpool Street Station – a very convenient place to be when you’re in London!
The apartment building itself is very discreet so it took us a couple of minutes to find, but entry is simple with a personal security code allocated to you for access through the main door, then a second code to get you into your apartment.  These codes are different for every person and are changed all the time, so it’s very secure.
Upon entering the room, we were greeted with some little touches that made it feel special – our towels shaped into swans with little heart-shaped chocolates, plus there was a box of Belgian chocolates on the table.  Lovely!
The apartment itself was compact but modern, clean and offering all the facilities you could hope for.  As it’s an apartment, it’s fully kitted out with kitchen appliances and tools, so you can cook for yourself if you want to, plus a TV, Wifi, dining table, iron, sofa … it’s like a little mini home.  In fact, I said to K that if I had to live in a studio flat, I would be happy living there.
To make the most of the space, the bed folded up into the wall behind the sofa and the bedding was stored in a tall cupboard next to it.  When the bed is down, the sofa fits nicely underneath it and you have storage shelves either side which – huge bonus – had plug sockets in them so you can charge your phone overnight.  Little things like this make me happy!
We settled down in the apartment and shared a bottle of bubbly while we watched the rugby and I got ready to go out for dinner.  The only mirror in the apartment was in the bathroom which was a bit of a pain as obviously there was no plug socket in there, nor was there one in the hallway, so I had to sit on the floor and use the barely-there reflection of the oven door to straighten my hair.  There’s a few places in the apartment that a mirror could have been put and this would definitely be an improvement I’d recommend they made.
After going for dinner and wandering around London for 45-minutes we went back to our room to watch Match Of The Day and rest our heads for the night.  The bed had an orthapaedic mattress so was quite hard, but I prefer a hard surface to sleep on than a soft one and while it might not be to everyone’s taste, it has to be considered that this is a quality mattress to have.
Overall, I enjoyed our night in the City Marque City of London Apartment and when you consider it costs £92 for a night and budget hotels in a similar location will set you back at least £140 (prices correct as at today) then this is a MASSIVE bargain.  Your own little apartment, with kitchen and all, for considerably less than other hotels nearby!
Next time I have an overnight stay in London, I will definitely be staying with City Marque.
LilliesandLove xx
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* This stay was provided free of charge but, as always, opinions are 100% my own  *

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