A Week In Croatia In Photos

So, as I’ve mentioned (about a million times) I was on my jolly holidays last week.  It was quite a major thing for me as I’ve only ever been abroad twice before and the last time was in 2006, so I was very excited about it!  I was also excited as the destination was Croatia and I’ve wanted to go there for ages.

This holiday was even more special as it was my birthday present from my boyfriend – pretty amazing eh?  I’m a very lucky lady!

I could go on for ages (and ages and ages) about what a brilliant time I had, but instead I’ll just show you some of the photos we took.  There are quite a few pictures but, believe it or not, I’ve actually cut them down by quite a lot and this is just a fraction of them!

I would definitely, 100% recommend Croatia as a holiday destination is you want something relaxing.  If you want to be out getting drunk and clubbing every night then it won’t suit you, but if you just want to get away from things and recharge your batteries, it would be perfect.  It’s lovely there at the moment as it’s not yet become a hugely popular holiday destination, so it’s still true to it’s own character and unspoilt.

At a later date I’ll load a post showing you the gifts I brought home for my family.  I bought the gifts with the hope that the reaction I’d get would be “Oh… wow… erm… thanks!” – I think there’s nothing better than a tacky holiday present!  I’m seeing my family this weekend to hand the gifts over, so I’ll post an update next week showing you what I got them all.

Finished work on Friday and cracked open a bottle
for my first official drink of my holiday!
Any other time, setting an alarm for
this time would make me cry.  To go to
the airport it’s brilliant!
Breakfast by the Marina when we got off the plane.
We decided to explore.  This photo doesn’t
do the steepness of this path justice.  I also
didn’t think the “we have to walk back up this”
part of the journey through.  Ouch.
This was at the bottom of the path – the totally
calm and still waters of the Adriatic Sea.
How very British of us.  Fully clothed sitting with
our feet dangling above the water.  (We were too
early for check-in so had to wander round in our
travelling clothes for 4 hours)
Our apartment.
Seget – where we stayed.
It’s practically Holiday Law to take photos
like this, isn’t it?
Cocktails overlooking the water – perfection!
This dog’s owner was trying to teach him to swim;
he was having none of it.
Loved this guard dog sleeping on top of his kennel!
These Cacti were huge – over 5ft tall!
A rickety old jetty in the town of Trogir.
A random dog in the middle of the pavement.
This was a totally normal sight over there.
Pinocchio dessert?


Or perhaps you’d favour a Mexican?
The buildings in Croatia are just so pretty
and interesting to look at.
Big beer for him and the strongest cocktail in the
world for me.
Stunning architecture in the town of Split


On the left – sat outside a fancy restaurant waiting for dinner.
On the right – inside the Underground Halls in Split.


Lots of little alleyways and walkways in Split.
Legend has it that if you rub the statues big toe
it will bring you good luck.
There were quite a few of these ornate wooden
ships at the docks.
There were lots of wild kittens running around
in Split too – so cute!
Cheesy grin while I have a drink on the seafront.
I had to drink this glass of wine – it was looking
at me!
We think the dark smudge at the top left of the
water was a dolphin.  Although we aren’t sure.
No idea what these big stone chairs were for,
but there were a few of them on the sea front in Split.
Waiting for our taxi for a night out in Trogir.
Trogir Cathedral.  Every night, in the courtyard
outside it, there’s live music and cocktails being
served.  Totally idyllic and magical.

I can’t believe we’re home already but it was the most perfect birthday present I could wish for.

I heart Croatia.
LilliesandLove xx

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  1. September 28, 2012 / 11:21 am

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks lovely, glad you got a nice break. 🙂 x

    • Lillies and Love
      September 28, 2012 / 11:40 am

      Thank you, it was lovely! Nice to be home to the grey skies and rain… not 😉 xx

  2. Jess
    September 28, 2012 / 1:45 pm

    Your pictures are great. I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia.

    Jess xx

    • Lillies and Love
      September 28, 2012 / 1:57 pm

      You should definitely go! I’d say go sooner rather than later, before it becomes commercialised for tourists and you can see the real country; it’s fascinating and beautiful! xx

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