It’s Scan Day – Eeeeeeek!

In 15 minutes I’m going to be leaving my office to drive to the doctor’s surgery for an ultrasound scan to see what’s happening inside me.
Obviously I hope there’s nothing wrong with me, but if they do the scan and can’t find anything wrong, I’m still going to be left wondering why I get the pains in my stomach.
Tomorrow I get the results from the other tests I had last week, including the diabetes test.
To say I’m feeling delicate today is a bit of an understatement.  I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all day and my heart seems to have taken up residence in my throat.
Oh, and on top of all that, I may have accidentally said ‘those three little words’ to Kris and got nothing in return.
Stupid emotions making me look like a fool!
I’ll update you when I have my results… fingers crossed we get to the bottom of the issue and it’s nothing too sinister.
LilliesandLove xx

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