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    Name A Star with Star Name Registry


    It’s a funny thing, the human brain. I often wonder how it chooses which memories to store, which moments of our lives it decides to squirrel away so we can look back at it in the years to come, and which to let go, never to cross our minds again.


    One memory I have – particularly vivid despite, at the time, probably seeming fairly inconsequential – is of myself and my younger brother one night, after our parents had put us to bed and assumed we were asleep, sitting on my bed, my duvet wrapped around us, our heads poked up under the curtains, our eyes gazing up at the night sky.


    I am fairly certain this memory isn’t of one particular night, but more a squished up collection of all those times we found ourselves there, eyes wide as I pointed out the various constellations to him.

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    Little Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way…


    The world at the moment is a confusing one and you could be forgiven for thinking humanity was regressing socially, taking backward steps in our emotional, mental and moral evolution.


    I read the news every day, doing my best to stay up to date with current events, reading reports from a plethora of different sources so that I can form an opinion based on the viewpoint of more than one person or section of society, allowing me to hear all arguments and create my own stand point based on that.


    With this effort to read the news daily comes – nowadays – an all too regular shaking of the head, casting of eyes to the floor and a sigh of despair as I wonder what is happening to this species of ours. Regression, as I said, is fast moving in the direction of a time that so many of us had hoped was left inside the pages of history books.

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    Winter Wanderlust


    Within the past year or so I’ve found myself developing a hankering to see the world. I’m not the most travelled person, only having been abroad since I hit adulthood, but with each passing day it feels like I want to explore more and more of the world.


    Being active on social media and regularly reading blogs definitely adds to this, and I now find myself with a long list of places I want to visit, although none of the budget to allow me to do this.

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    My Top 5 Limoncello Cocktail Recipes


    Earlier this year, I spent a week in Italy with our friends as one of the couples in our little gang was getting married. Whilst there we indulged ourselves in all things Italian – in fact, over the course of our 5 day stay I ate 4 pizzas. If that isn’t doing Italy right, I don’t know what is.


    As well as sight-seeing and carb-loading, we also made sure to drink local beers and wines, and every meal was finished with a palate-cleansing shot of Limoncello. Ice cold and sharp, it’s the perfect way to refresh your taste buds and settle your stomach after over-filling it, as we did every single night.


    Back on British soil, Limoncello has continued to be a common theme in our group, and no gathering is complete until we’ve held our glasses high, toasted our friendship and knocked back a shot of it. It’s become a bit of a staple in our cupboards, ready for any get-together.

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    My New Tattoo And What It Means To Me


    Earlier this week, on Monday afternoon, I made an exception to my ‘chained-to-the-desk-and-never-leave’ rule and stepped out of my office to take a lunch break.


    This break, as well as being incredibly rare, was pre-planned several weeks in advance as I had booked to have another tattoo in a shop not too far from where I work.


    Now, tattoos aren’t for everyone and that’s absolutely fine – different strokes for different folks etc – but, for me, they’re something I find interesting as both an artform and as a point of conversation. Some people have them purely for the aesthetic, others to tell a story. I fall into the latter group.

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