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    Safe Fruit and Vegetables For Your Dog


    There’s no denying that in recent years society has become a lot more aware of self-care and the ways in which we can aid our bodies in terms of what we put in it. Vitamins and supplements are big business and you can barely get through a day online without seeing a story telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating.


    Along with this raise in consciousness about food intake to keep us feeling our best has come a greater interest in how we can do the same for our pets, with an increased awareness in general of all the bad stuff that goes in to so many of the pet foods you can buy from the supermarket shelves.

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    Cocktails & Food At Revolution Southend


    Southend-on-Sea, one of the most popular seaside towns in Essex. Well, I say seaside, but it’s actually sat on the edge of the Thames Estuary with a distant view of Kent on the other side of the water.


    With its commuter links into London and its well respected colleges (one of which I was a student at 16 years ago. SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. I am so old…) Southend is always brimming with people, and the evenings and weekends see it come into its own as a party destination, with pubs, clubs and bars aplenty meaning you’re never short of choice when it comes to planning a night out there.


    Earlier on this year, Revolution Southend opened their doors and finally, after a few months of telling myself I’d have to get down there to check it out, our time came and we jumped on a train for an afternoon of food and drinks.

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    7 Winter Warmer Coffee Cocktails


    There’s no denying it, autumn is well and truly here. The mornings are covered with a layer of dew, the leaves are falling from the trees, and I am absolutely bloomin’ freezing.


    And with the beginning of October, so begins a couple of months of social events and get-togethers, with Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Years Eve all within the space of two months of each other.


    During the summer, when we have get-togethers with our friends, as well as buckets full of chilled beer and cold, fruity Pimms, there’s usually a little dabble in terms of cocktails, with us mixing up a storm in the kitchen and usually regretting the self-served measures the next morning.

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    Barc London – High Quality Dog Accessories


    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a dog. Oh, I have? Maybe just once or twice, eh?


    Well, my pup is one of the little lights of my life. Whether it’s her joy at seeing me when I get home from work, her endless cuddles and licks, the lazy Sunday naps we take together, or the fact she adores me even when I’m not at my best, there really is something magical about the love of a dog and my life would be much quieter without her in it.

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    I’m Blogging Every Day In October (Hopefully…)


    I don’t really know why I’m doing this but, for some reason, I am. I’m attempting Blogtober.


    For those of you that don’t know what Blogtober is, it’s basically a little challenge in the blogging world where people set themselves the task to post every single day for the month of October. Now, that might not sound like anything major, but for anyone who blogs or knows someone who does, you’ll know that there’s a helluva lotta work involved in getting a post online. Add to that the need to think of 31 days worth of content and you’ve got yourself a real test and something that I’ve failed on when I’ve attempted it in the past.


    So, why now?

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    Lately (September 2017)


    Gah! It’s October!


    Anyone else utterly unprepared for how fast September whizzed by? It feels like about 5 minutes ago I was sat down lamenting the loss of August and the sunshiney summer days, and now here I am being bombarded with images of pumpkins and ghouls as everyone prepares for Halloween.


    (Anyone else out there not really understand the Halloween hype, or is it just me?)

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