Did Prince Harry Get Naked? What’s It Got To Do With Us?

If you’ve seen/heard today’s news reports then no doubt you’ve seen the story that allegedly shows Prince Harry in the buff after playing a game of Strip Billiards whilst in Las Vegas.
Initially, I (like everybody else I’m sure) thought “Ooh!  Prince Harry naked?  Let’s see this!” because, let’s be honest, he’s a Royal hottie.  But almost as soon as I’d thought this I felt a pang of what can only be described as sadness and disappointment mixed together.
When did it become acceptable for people to exploit others like this?
Go back not too many years in history and this would have been considered treason and the perpetrator would have felt the full force of the law.  I know it’s 2012 and things have changed, the Royal Family are more modern and accessible to the public, but, let’s forget who it (allegedly) is in these photos for a second – is it really ok to abuse someone’s trust like this?
Obviously, I don’t know Prince Harry, but I would assume he has grown up being warned about people wanting to harm him either physically or reputationally.  Granted, if these photographs are of him (and they may not be, we all know how easy it is to spoof images) then I would imagine he may have had a couple of drinks and it may have affected his judgement, however, he let his guard down enough in front of these people to act in this way and they’ve taken the opportunity to make a quick buck by selling photographs to the media?
I just find it all so… moral-less.
There are so many kiss-and-tell stories these days – there seems to be a new one every week – and, to some extent, when the celebrity involved has been cheating on a partner, I almost feel that it’s karma come back to bite them on the bum.  But, if somebody wants to expose infidelity, why not go direct to that person’s wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?  Why go to the newspapers, sell the story/pictures and let the whole world see it?  It’s not just the philanderer hurt here, it’s their partner, their family… innocent people that don’t deserve to have their dirty laundry blasted across the world wide web.
A good friend of mine went on a date with a well-known celebrity.  The celebrity in question is a household name and a face that the vast majority of UK residents would recognise.  On their date, the celebrity scared my friend witless – he was not at all the person she thought he would be, and the events of the night left a lasting imprint on her mind.  She was in tears about the things he’d said/done and she hadn’t even gone anywhere private with him, he acted the way he did in public, in a very high profile restaurant.
Now, my friend could seriously do with a cash injection into her life, it would help her out massively – she could have gone to the newspapers and destroyed this man’s reputation, but she didn’t.  She took what happened on the chin and kept her counsel.  She has morals and decency.
But I guess those are the words that are key here – Morals and decency, loyalty and honour, manners and a sense of right and wrong.
I don’t know if the photographs are of Prince Harry or not, and to be honest, I don’t really care.  If he decided to get drunk in Vegas then that’s his choice.  If he decided to play Strip Billiards with his friends and some girls, then that’s his prerogative.  I don’t really see what it’s got to do with anyone else.
LilliesandLove xx

Video: 25 Random Questions (with Rachael)

My best friend, Rachael, and I decided we would like to record a video together for my YouTube channel but couldn’t work out what to talk about, so took the easy option by doing a Tag video – hurrah!

We looked at a few different options but decided that 25 Random Questions seemed a good place to start!


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LilliesandLove xx


Video: Yorkshire Terrier with a Guilty Conscience

I just had to share this video with you all!

Upon discovering a ‘little accident’ in the kitchen last night, it didn’t take me long to work out which of the dogs was responsible – Ozzie is terrible at hiding his guilty conscience!

LilliesandLove xx


Bullies – Nature or Nurture?

Today is one of those days where I just want to scream.  I’m sure we all get them.  (Actually, boys, do you get ‘screamy’ days?)

I’m not one of life’s criers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll cry at films, TV programmes, stories in newspapers, even adverts, but I don’t seem to cry about real life stuff very much.  However, today, several times, my eyes have filled with tears and I’ve had to stop them from falling.
I consider myself to be quite a ‘tough cookie’.  I’ve always held my own and maintained a calm persona even if underneath I’ve been fuming with anger or tearful through sadness.  But today, I just feel like walking out.
I’m 27.  That’s the age of a grown-up.  I move around in an adult world.  Yet somehow, in this grown-up world, there are still people who are simply nasty through-and-through.  They’re hell bent on being ‘top dog’ and focussed on making others miserable.  Most of the time I can take it on the chin and I watch as others fight against their domineering ways.
In my opinion, there’s no excuse for rudeness, no excuse for bullying, and definitely no excuse for being a total and utter douchebag.

But it leads me to wonder…  Are people born bullies or does life carve them out to be that way?

LilliesandLove xx

PS  Sorry for being moany, but as I said at the beginning of the post – it’s been one of those ‘screamy’ days!


My Early Days of Fashion

Disclaimer:  I use the word ‘fashion’ in the title loosely

I’ve never claimed to be fashion forward. I’m not one of those girls who can look amazing in whatever they wear.  My wardrobe isn’t in style and I don’t have the latest designs.  However, I do love clothes.
I mean, I really love clothes.

And shoes.  And bags.  And jewellery.  And make-up.

I’m often to be found browsing through fashion and beauty blogs, or looking at the latest items to be released onto the websites of High Street shops.  (As I’m on a spending ban, I just fill up my basket and then log off – sort of helps with the withdrawal symptoms).

So, when I was browsing through some old family photos the other day, from when I was a baby, I was quite surprised to see some of the outfits I was… erm… rocking.
I appreciate it was the 1980’s and fashion was altogether different, but I’m still not convinced that the cool kids at the baby group were dressed like this.  In fact, I’m considering booking my mum an appointment at the opticians this weekend; surely only bad eyesight can be an excuse for some of these get-ups?

So, if you need a laugh today, go ahead and take a look at the pictures below….
LilliesandLove xx