Lately (October 2017)

Lately  (October 2017)


This post is a few days late I’m afraid, but I was away for a little mini-break and despite taking my laptop with me, the thought of opening it up and working away when instead I could have been hanging out with my family seemed totally unappealing.


October was a bit of a strange month for me, it seemed – as all months do these days – to pass by in the blink of an eye, but it also seems like a lifetime since I wrote my Lately (September) post. Simultaneously so much has happened and yet I seem to have done nothing at all. How can you be constantly busy but not really doing anything?!


I decided to take part in Blogtober, an annual challenge people set themselves to blog every day of the month. I started off really well, getting a post online every day, until one weekend I found myself bed-bound with a horrible migraine and unable to get to my laptop. Missing out on those days left me riddled with a feeling of failure and worrying that I needed to catch up once I was back on my feet again, but then I realised: PRESSURE. So I stepped back from posting every day and instead posted as and when I could, and felt much better for it. So, Blogtober for me was less about getting content online daily and more about finding my own groove and rhythm and realising it’s just a blog, there is no need for me to drive myself crazy with worry over it. It will be there ready and waiting for me whether I post once a day, once a week or once a month. I am my own worst critic and I really need to stop that.


The Fairmont Old Fashioned London Cocktail Week A Penny For Them


London Cocktail Week
We spent a happy few hours at London Cocktail Week one Saturday, sampling various different drinks, chatting and just enjoying ourselves. It really was a brilliant day and we are definitely planning to attend again next year.


33 Before 33
It’s been a bit slow on the old 33 Before 33 this month I’m afraid. I haven’t done much to tick off of the list – must try harder! I did however complete book 4 of 30 (‘147 Things‘ by Jim Chapman) and went on holiday with my brother and his wife.


Competition Win
Unbelievably I won a competition for a one-night stay at The Savoy in London! I couldn’t believe it when I got the message – I never win anything! We have already booked our visit in and I cannot wait, I’ll definitely be sharing it with you all once we’ve been!


Making An Admission
October was also the month I admitted that I was struggling and that 2017 had sparked a reoccurrance of my old friend, depression. I’m getting better, for sure, but still have a way to go. However, opening up and telling people how I felt feels like a big step. A few friends have told me they already knew, they’d guessed but hadn’t known how to broach it with me, so I obviously hadn’t been hiding it as well as I thought! I’m on the mend now and I’ll get there in the end.


A couple of weekends ago we went to see Annie thanks to Box Office UK. I’ll tell you all about it in a dedicated post later this week, but it’s ignited a love of the theatre in me and I can’t wait to go and see something else!




Shropshire Mini-Break
In a much needed time-out from general life, I spent a few days in Shropshire at Bishops Castle Barn with Ben, my brother, his wife and their dog. It was 5 days of relaxation, country air, laughter and food, and it felt like it came at the perfect time. This was my fourth visit to the barn and we’ve already booked our fifth for next year! It’s the perfect home from home and I never want to leave.


So now we are here, in November, and the end of 2017 seems so close. This month will be all about self-care, working hard, and getting organised for Christmas. I’m also hoping for some last minute adventures – fingers crossed!


Happy November everyone!



Penny xx


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