Buying Frames Online With Perfect Glasses

Buying Frames Online With Perfect Glasses


A few weeks ago, at the grand old age of 32, I finally admitted it was time I booked myself an appointment at the opticians. Struggling to read signs until I was close up to them and having to zoom my PC screen in to about 357% just to be able to use it, plus the recurrent headaches, meant I couldn’t ignore it any longer. My peepers needed some help.


Having had my appointment, the good news is that my eyesight is relatively ok, no concerns there, but the reason I struggle with my sight is that my little eyeball muscles aren’t very strong and they get tired easily, meaning they can’t quite concentrate on their job. As a result of them being little weaklings, my eyes can’t quite focus and they ache, giving me the headaches I suffer from almost every day.


So, I’m now part of the Specs Club, rocking the frames and actually quite liking it!




When it comes to choosing frames, even for sunglasses, I always struggle as I have a bit of an odd shaped head. It’s not quite even and is very asymmetrical, meaning glasses don’t sit straight on me and I have to be fairly choosy with the shapes I wear as absolutely nothing seems to suit me.


Then an email popped into my inbox from asking if I’d like to order something from their website and, feeling emboldened by my workwear glasses, I decided I was going to be brave and step outside my comfort zone, getting myself something a little different to what I would usually wear.


Over the summer I’d seen people on Instagram rocking some really cool looking glasses and I thought, “My face can’t be that bad, I’m gonna give this a go!”


It took me a fair while to look through all the glasses online as they had such a huge range to choose from, in a whole spectrum of styles and prices. Women’s glasses, men’s glasses and designer glasses from names such as Lacoste, Gucci and Marc Jacobs rub metaphorical shoulders with low cost, bargain frames meaning there’s something for everyone and every budget.


I used my usual method of deciding what to have – adding everything I like to my basket, then whittling them down from there until I ended up with a choice of two, the Munich and the Bondi Dreamy.


Bondi Dreamy


In the end I opted for the Munich and waited for them to arrive.


Delivery was surprisingly speedy and the quality of the packaging was excellent – a padded envelope, with the glasses case wrapped in bubble wrap, then the glasses within that wrapped in it too, so there is really very little chance for them to get damaged in any way, something I was definitely concerned about when it came to buying glasses online.




The glasses themselves are fantastic quality, being really well made and really sturdy. I’m really clumsy and causing damage to anything I come across in life is a real possibility, so when something is well made it just adds that little bit of extra peace of mind for me, knowing that it might take me a little longer than usual to wreck it.


As well as getting your prescription glasses from here, you can also get plain glass (if you just want them for fashion purposes) or you can get prescription sunglasses too, just by sending them along your prescription info so they can make them up for you. It’s so simple!


Frames for glasses can be so expensive when you buy them in an opticians, so a website like this where you can send your specifics to them, choose from a huge range of designs, and get them sent straight to your door is pretty ideal.


I think when Spring comes I’m going to treat myself to a pair of sunglasses from Perfect Glasses UK, I usually buy cheapies from High Street shops but I think my eyeballs deserve to be treated better.




Bonus pic of PA Poppy Dog ready to take dictation and do some filing.



Penny xx


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