Having A Pet Is Awesome For Me And It’s A Great Idea For You Too

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this ever before, because I very rarely talk about them (ahem) but I have pets. Two cats and a dog. And I love them more than life itself.


image1Yep, these little furry faces make my world go round.


There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t love having a pet. Even when they’re being noisy, disruptive or making a mess, I know I’ve got a great little furry family and, whilst it’s true they cost a fair bit of money to look after and that they demand my attention at every second of the day, they give me so much more back than I feel I could ever give them.


Not everyone is a cat person (I guess you can say I’m a cat person and a dog person) and sometimes people don’t respond all that well to cats, but that’s the same with any animal – not everyone likes cats, not everyone likes dogs, but if this is you, never fear, there are so many other kinds of pets out there that could be ideal for you.


My three are wonderful companions to me and, despite their bickering, they’re good friends to each other. They keep themselves entertained (which is usually quite entertaining for me too!) and even when I’m home alone, I’m never really alone, I’ve always got three little bodies competing for the best spot to cuddle me.


For me, growing up with pets was very important and I can understand why families often have pets. It’s really important for children to understand responsibility and empathy. Owning a pet teaches that well. It also gives kids an additional playmate and teaches them the art of understanding another living things feelings and thoughts without the aid of communication – intuition and reading body language is a big part of pet ownership. Owning a dog can help increase a child’s exercise levels as well, I’m forever being dragged round my local field at a million miles an hour and it definitely gets the blood pumping – it does me good to be out and about getting some fresh air.


Whatever pet you think will be right for you circumstances will undoubtedly be a great addition to your household. Parrots and hamsters are great for smaller spaces in apartments. The Love Your Pet Blog has plenty of advice on how to take care of every kind of pet. It might be worth checking out some websites to help you come to an informed decision. For me, I would love another dog (it’s even on my bucket list) but at the moment I think my house is furry enough!


There are so many benefits to owning a pet. Large or small, a furry companion is great for your health and great for your mind. If you have mobility problems, don’t be put off as there are plenty of animals that make great additions to your home and require little care. You could even hire a pet carer to help you out, lots of people jump at the chance to take a dog for a walk!


I really do feel that my furry littl’uns have enhanced my life, and believe they can for other people, no matter who you are. It’s in human nature to get lonely sometimes, but a pet will be there to provide friendship and a good cuddle whenever when you need it. I could never be without my animals, they really do make my world a brighter place.


What pet would you get?


Penny xx


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  1. Natasha
    October 12, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    I totally agree with you. I have a Siamese cat and he is the best thing ever. It is always nice to come home to someone who is super happy to see you all the time.

    • Penny
      October 19, 2015 / 3:07 pm

      And they never judge you, even when you’re wearing your worst possible comfy clothes and haven’t brushed your hair! xx

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