Stylelux Blackhead Killer Gift Box Review

Stylelux Blackhead Killer Gift Box Review

Over a year ago, back in March 2014, I reviewed Stylelux’s Blackhead Killer Face Mask. I’m a big fan of face masks but very rarely seem to find the time to do them, so being asked to review a product like this was a perfect opportunity for me to take some time out and pamper myself whilst passing it off as ‘working’.


I really loved it as it made my skin so soft and clear – in fact, I loved it so much I actually got a few people I know using it as well. So, when I was asked if I would like to carry out a Stylelux Blackhead Killer Gift Box review I jumped at the chance!


Styleux Blackhead Killer Review A Penny For Them 1


Now, as you all know, my life has been a little chaotic recently and blogging had to fall by the wayside while I got myself settled, so this set has been languishing in my bedroom for a while, but now life has calmed down a bit, I thought it was high time I got going with this review!


Styleux Blackhead Killer Review A Penny For Them 2


This set contains a 100ml facial cleanser, 5 packs of their peel off mask (I find one sachet contains enough for 2 sessions) and a 100ml face moisturiser. Retailing at £89.90 this is a little more expensive than I expected, but it’s not unusual to spend £20-30 on a good cleanser or moisturiser on the High Street so when you work out the cost of buying equivalent items from another brand, it probably works out about the same.


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I removed my make up (using Micellar water) and applied the Stylelux facial cleanser. It has a really nice light consistency and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin; a little goes a long way as well which is a definite bonus.


After letting the cleanser settle and dry off for a few minutes I applied the face mask. I know they say “simple things please simple minds” but the fact this product is black always makes me smile – I have no idea why, it’s just different! The mask itself is quite thick but gives excellent coverage – as I said, one of the sachets is more than enough for an application. When I’ve using this product in the past I’ve always folded over the top and sealed it with cling film so I can return to it a week or so later and use the remainder.


After leaving it to set for 10 minutes, as per the instructions, it was time to peel it off – another plus point because peeling is so much more fun than washing it off in my opinion!


This is where it all went wrong.


Stylelux Blackhead Killer Review A Penny For Them 4


As soon as I started to peel I realised something wasn’t quite right – it didn’t feel the same as it has when I’ve used the face mask before. It was hurting. In fact, I felt like I was tearing off the top layers of my skin, even the ones that weren’t ready to be removed. I had to take a breather halfway through and then there were a few moments of panic where I thought I would have to have to rock a Phantom Of The Opera style half-black-and-peely face for the rest of my life.


After eventually getting it off my skin felt like it was on fire and was bright red where it was so sore. I decided that perhaps applying the moisturiser would help to cool it a little.


It didn’t.


My skin continued to burn for the rest of the evening and I was genuinely concerned that I might have been having some sort of allergic reaction to the ingredients. That said, when my housemate got home he complimented me on how ‘new’ my skin looked (I explained this was probably because I’d ripped the top few layers off and it was indeed ‘new’ skin he was seeing!)


Although I had a bad experience with these products on this occasion it’s important to remember that I have used the face masks before and never had an issue. It could be that it was a combination of the cleanser and the face mask together, or maybe there was an ingredient my skin doesn’t like, so I would recommend having a search online to read other blogger’s reviews to see how they got on.


As always on this blog, I’m being 100% honest with you but this is only my opinion so don’t take my word as gospel, do some research and make your decision from there.


For me personally, I won’t be using this set as a combination again, but I will definitely be using the face masks on their own as they make my skin feel fantastic when they’re not mixed with anything else.


Have you tried any of the Stylelux facial products? How did you get on?


Penny xx


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