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Back in January, the first item I gave up in my year of Giving It Up For Cancer was alcohol.  Quite a few people do a Dry January to raise money for charity, so it seemed like a sensible thing to start off with, and after the excesses of the festive period, I was certain my body would be grateful for the break.

A month ‘off the sauce’ wasn’t too much of a bother because I wasn’t going out much and I tend to only have a glass or two at a weekend to unwind after a week at work, so substituting wine for a mug of mint tea didn’t make too much of a difference.  It was breaking a habit really.

However, it got me thinking.  I drink wine because I like the taste of it and I like trying new ones out, not because of the alcohol content, so, was there a decent non-alcoholic version out there?

Over the years I’ve tried numerous 0% wines and every single one has tasted horrendous.  I don’t think I’ve ever finished a glass, let alone a bottle of one before.  They’re just horrible!  However, then my best friend introduced me to Fre Wine and lo-and-behold, it tastes alright!  In fact, I’d go as far as to say it tastes nice!

I tried both their white Chardonnay and their rose White Zinfandel and was pleasantly surprised.  Although they don’t taste anything like wine, they’re not offensive, and remind me of a sugary sweet drink.  Initially I thought the sweetness might be too much for me, but after a few mouthfuls I found them really easy to drink – perhaps the initial reaction was because they tasted so different to how I expected?

The only place I’ve found locally selling Fre wine is Asda but Fre have a search facility on their website if you want to have a look for a stockist near you.  You can also Google it as it brings up a variation of different websites you can buy them from.

Cost-wise, Fre is more expensive than juice, but around the same price as you would pay for a standard bottle of wine, so it’s not going to break the budget.

Whilst my love affair with wine goes on and I continue to try new types, it’s nice to know there is an alternative for those times I’m driving or just want to give my liver a rest!

Penny xx
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