Send A Baby – A Teddy Bear By Post

Before you read this blog post, please bear in mind it’s not a negative review, just a it’s-not-really-for-me post.

I was offered the chance to review Send A Baby, an online service based in the USA, from which you can send a teddy to a new arrival.

On their website they state: “No post office lines, no strolling up and down the card aisle, no searching for lost stamps”

Which, to be fair, is true.  As and when your friend or relative greets their little bundle of joy, simply pop on to the Send A Baby website, fill in the recipient details, pick a colour (blue or pink) and they will send your bear out.  It’s such a simple idea, but I can imagine it would be a great thing to receive as a surprise.

The bear arrived wrapped in plastic, within a box so it was well protected from the perils of travelling across the Atlantic and then through the Royal Mail system.  He also had a gift card attached, which can be chosen from any of the following designs:

There was nothing wrong with the service and the teddy is CUTE, so why isn’t this for me?

Well, as you know, I’m on a budget while I fight my debt clearance and since I began this task I’ve become quite savvy when it comes to money.  I don’t spend money unless I have to and when I do, I like to make sure that I’m getting the absolute best value, so perhaps I’m being a little bit of a skin-flint when I say this, but…

The Send A Baby service costs $24.95 which converts to £15.27 at the current rate.  This cost is inclusive of P&P (even to the UK) and the gift card.  However, for £15 I would be able to pop into High Street stores (or browse online) and buy the baby not only a soft toy, but also some clothes too.  Granted, they wouldn’t be top quality or fancy, but new babies tend to make a little bit of a mess of their first clothes, so High Street clothing is more than adequate for them.

At £15 this service is extremely reasonable when you look at what you’re getting and how far the gift is travelling, however, for £15 I do think I would be able to put together a more personal package of gifts that I’ve chosen myself and would perhaps feel a little bit more special to the parents.

I really don’t want this to sound like a completely negative review because it isn’t and Send A Baby’s service was perfect, their product was excellent and they didn’t put a foot wrong.  However, the money-savvy part of me probably wouldn’t opt to use this service myself – but everyone is different and there’s lots of people this would appeal to!

What do you think of the Send A Baby concept?  Would this be the ideal no-fuss gift for you or would you rather put in the effort to pop down to the shops or browse online and pick out something especially for the new little person in your life?

LilliesandLove xx
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