Microfibre and Silk Mattress Topper from Duvet & Pillow Warehouse (DPW)

When I was growing up I was forever making excuses to my parents as to why I should stay up, or why I should be allowed out of bed, but now I’m an adult I’m forever wishing I could spend more time horizontal in the land of nod.  All those wasted years when I could have been savouring my sleep, gone!
For me, getting into bed can just be one of the best feelings – in the summer when you climb in between crisp, cool sheets, or in the winter you get in there and snuggle up all cosy and warm.  Bed is also my favourite place to blog.  I get in from work, eat dinner as quickly as possible and hop into bed with my laptop, a cup of tea and the cats and I start typing.  Perfection!
A short while ago I was contacted by the people of DPW (Duvet and Pillow Warehouse) asking if I would like to receive one of their items to review.  Would I like a genuine reason to spend some time snug as a bug in a rug underneath my duvet?  Erm… YES!
Fast forward and I take delivery of this:
I won’t lie, I didn’t expect it to be that big!
The item I received was their Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Mattress Topper and as you can see it came in it’s own little bag to keep it neat and tidy which is perfect as it folds up really small so you can forget about it until you need it again, for instance, to put the topper in when you move house.
The topper itself has a grid-type design on it and honestly fills like it’s filled with either cotton wool or the clouds out of the sky – it’s so soft and squishy!
It’s really easy to put on as well – even I managed it!  Each corner has an elastic strap that runs around it so you simply tuck that under the corners of the mattress and that’s it; it’s done!
The topper was very slightly smaller than the mattress but I’m sure it’s meant to be that way because once you line it up, it looks fine.  Although it looks fairly deep as well, the base bed-sheet fits over it with ease so you don’t need to worry that the extra few centimetres means you’ll have it coming loose and tangling you up the night.
I have to be honest, after a while I took the topper off and it’s now on K’s spare bed, as I like a hard surface to sleep on and this was a little too soft for me, but obviously that’s personal preference and everyone is different!
Before this, I hadn’t heard of DPW, but having had a little browse on their website I recommend you take a peek.  As well as all the expected bed paraphenalia, they also sell towels and other accessories like coat-hangers, rugs, dressing gowns, slippers, eye masks, draught excluders, candles and diffusers – plus numerous other items!
Although it wasn’t suited to my personal sleeping preferences, I can’t fault the product or the service at all.  Delivery was quick, packaging was good, and the quality of the topper itself is spot-on.
So, if you’re looking for a little something for your sleeping quarters go and take a look at the DPW website and see what you can find!
LilliesandLove xx
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  1. Urban Butterfly
    October 28, 2013 / 11:12 am

    I really need new pillows mind are giving me dreadful neckpain, maybe this is something for me to have a look at 🙂

    • October 30, 2013 / 9:59 am

      Definitely have a peek at their website, the quality of the mattress topper is really good! xx

  2. Jerin Marina
    November 28, 2013 / 6:09 am

    Thanks for sharing. I have a double mattress topper, which is currently £66.50 on their website. That does sound like quite a lot, but now that I have it I wouldn’t want to be without it. My bed is so much more comfortable and feels all luxurious!

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