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    ‘147 Things’ by Jim Chapman


    When I was growing up, my role models and heroes came from the world of music, books, television and film. I bopped around my bedroom to the sound of Boyzone (who I went to see the other week, woop!), I wished I could be best friends with Stevie Lake from The Saddle Club books, and I kept a flickering candle of hope inside me that one day I would get to be in Byker Grove (didn’t happen).


    Nowadays though, the role models and heroes of many teens and pre-teens come in a different form; there are still the expected musicians, film stars and sports personalities, but now there’s the added pool of ‘reality’ stars and, increasingly, bloggers and vloggers.

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    Bourgee London Southend Airport


    Way back in 2014, Bourgee opened the doors to its very first restaurant, situated on Southend seafront, and I went along to see what they had to offer.


    At the time I was majorly impressed, with the service being faultless, the décor being beautiful and the food being oh-so-good. Since then they’ve opened another branch in Chelmsford and there was talks of them opening one in Billericay, but this never came to fruition. However, little did I know until I was visiting Amsterdam a few weeks ago, they have a little Bourgee in London Southend Airport!

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    Homesense Halloween Giveaway


    As soon as the clock strikes midnight on 30th September and the calendar flips over into the first few minutes of 1st October, the world goes Halloween mad. Everywhere you look there’s black paper bats hanging from the ceilings and pumpkins lining the floor – there’s no escaping it.


    My version of Halloween is a little more low-key – I get cosy indoors with candlelight, a blanket and a mug of tea, and either watch a scary film or read a book that’ll give me chills. My own subtle nod to the occasion (along with the bag of sweets that I buy for “the trick of treaters” *ahem*)


    As it’s only Ben and I in the house, I don’t bother with Halloween decorations, but I know a lot of people do and this year there are so many fantastic options to buy that I think Halloween lovers are spoilt for choice!

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    Seeing Boyzone In Hastings With My Childhood Best Friend


    When I was writing my 33 Before 33 list earlier this year, I added one item on there that I knew I was guaranteed to tick off. A bit of a cheat, perhaps, but when you’re as flakey as I am, you have to try and gain the advantage somewhere when you’re setting yourself a challenge!


    The task in question was to spend a day with my childhood best friend and I knew I was going to tick it off as we had already planned the day we were going to spend together.


    Like I said, a little bit cheaty.

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    The Secret To Creating Good Content


    Blogging. It’s a funny old thing to be part of. For those of us that were around when it first came about, when we all used dial-up connections and had to wait until the house phone was free before you could log on, it was an exciting new hobby to while away your time on instead of just endlessly drawing pictures on MS Paint.


    Fast forward to now and blogging is a whole new animal. It’s grown exponentially to the point that in a recent article I read, they predict there are 440 MILLION blogs in the world and growing! And with that growth has come the biggest change I’ve noticed – the fierce competitiveness amongst creators as everyone strives to become The Next Big Thing.

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    Buying Frames Online With Perfect Glasses


    A few weeks ago, at the grand old age of 32, I finally admitted it was time I booked myself an appointment at the opticians. Struggling to read signs until I was close up to them and having to zoom my PC screen in to about 357% just to be able to use it, plus the recurrent headaches, meant I couldn’t ignore it any longer. My peepers needed some help.


    Having had my appointment, the good news is that my eyesight is relatively ok, no concerns there, but the reason I struggle with my sight is that my little eyeball muscles aren’t very strong and they get tired easily, meaning they can’t quite concentrate on their job. As a result of them being little weaklings, my eyes can’t quite focus and they ache, giving me the headaches I suffer from almost every day.


    So, I’m now part of the Specs Club, rocking the frames and actually quite liking it!

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