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    Winter Wanderlust


    Within the past year or so I’ve found myself developing a hankering to see the world. I’m not the most travelled person, only having been abroad since I hit adulthood, but with each passing day it feels like I want to explore more and more of the world.


    Being active on social media and regularly reading blogs definitely adds to this, and I now find myself with a long list of places I want to visit, although none of the budget to allow me to do this.

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    My Top 5 Limoncello Cocktail Recipes


    Earlier this year, I spent a week in Italy with our friends as one of the couples in our little gang was getting married. Whilst there we indulged ourselves in all things Italian – in fact, over the course of our 5 day stay I ate 4 pizzas. If that isn’t doing Italy right, I don’t know what is.


    As well as sight-seeing and carb-loading, we also made sure to drink local beers and wines, and every meal was finished with a palate-cleansing shot of Limoncello. Ice cold and sharp, it’s the perfect way to refresh your taste buds and settle your stomach after over-filling it, as we did every single night.


    Back on British soil, Limoncello has continued to be a common theme in our group, and no gathering is complete until we’ve held our glasses high, toasted our friendship and knocked back a shot of it. It’s become a bit of a staple in our cupboards, ready for any get-together.

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    My New Tattoo And What It Means To Me


    Earlier this week, on Monday afternoon, I made an exception to my ‘chained-to-the-desk-and-never-leave’ rule and stepped out of my office to take a lunch break.


    This break, as well as being incredibly rare, was pre-planned several weeks in advance as I had booked to have another tattoo in a shop not too far from where I work.


    Now, tattoos aren’t for everyone and that’s absolutely fine – different strokes for different folks etc – but, for me, they’re something I find interesting as both an artform and as a point of conversation. Some people have them purely for the aesthetic, others to tell a story. I fall into the latter group.

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    Seeing ‘Annie’ with Box Office UK


    Despite living close to and working in London, whenever I get the choice of a night out or a weekend of fun, it’s always my go-to.


    With amazing architecture and restaurants, cool bars and an endless supply of activities, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to planning a day or night out in the Big Smoke, however, one thing we never seem to opt for is going to the theatre. There’s no real reason for this, it’s just not something that ever springs to mind.


    I think I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been to the theatre in my lifetime – The Importance of Being Earnest, Betty Blue Eyes, Jersey Boys, a panto and a Sooty & Co show which I still remember so well despite being pretty young when we saw it. (We were up in the high seats and could see the man with his hand up the puppets’ backsides, but it was still bloomin’ magical as far as we were concerned).

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    Christmas Bumper Bundle Giveaway


    With the beginning of November comes the beginning of Christmas planning in my mind. I start spending my free time trawling the internet looking for the ideal presents for loved ones and tightening my belt financially to make it manageable.


    In past years I’ve run a Twitter Secret Santa, getting dozens of people on board and allocating them all a person to buy a present for within a set budget. I started doing this as it felt like a good way to spread Christmas cheer and for people to discover new friends online, however, this year I’ve made the decision not to host it again.

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    Lately (October 2017)


    This post is a few days late I’m afraid, but I was away for a little mini-break and despite taking my laptop with me, the thought of opening it up and working away when instead I could have been hanging out with my family seemed totally unappealing.


    October was a bit of a strange month for me, it seemed – as all months do these days – to pass by in the blink of an eye, but it also seems like a lifetime since I wrote my Lately (September) post. Simultaneously so much has happened and yet I seem to have done nothing at all. How can you be constantly busy but not really doing anything?!

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