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    Expanding My Horizons With 31 Dover


    Earlier in the year we went to Lake Garda in Italy for our friends’ wedding. It was a brilliant holiday full of laughter, food and drink, and the area itself is absolutely stunning (dedicated post about it to follow).


    While we were out there, as well as making the most of the incredible local pizza’s and pasta dishes, I also decided to branch out from my usual tipple and try some of the more localised wines.

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    33 Before 33


    On Tuesday next week it’s my birthday and at exactly 11.25am I turn the grand old age of 32.


    Age isn’t something that bothers me, I remember being upset about turning 13 and 16 as I felt they were both keys ages at which I was waving goodbye to my childhood, but since then I see each birthday as a milestone at which point to take a glance over my shoulder and appreciate all that has gone by, before focussing my eyes firmly ahead at what is to come.


    It’s no secret that that 2017 has been a bit of a rubbish one for me but it has also seen some majorly good things happening – weddings, babies etc. However, more than anything, it’s been a reminder of just how precious life is and a reminder of my own mortality.

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    Dear Rocco…


    Hey little fella,


    At 2.43am yesterday, Tuesday 1st August 2017, you made your entrance into the world. You did it on your own terms, ignoring the medical induction that took place the day before, instead choosing to make your arrival after the doctors had given up for the day and your mum was trying to get some sleep. (I have a sneaky feeling this might be a sign of things to come and you might end up being a cheeky little thing keeping everyone on their toes!)


    The world you’ve been born in to is a strange one. The current Leader of the Free World is a man that everybody thought was running for President as a joke; people are famous for absolutely no reason and with no talent; terrorism, war and famine are rife; and the internet is spawning both new stars and nasty trolls.


    But YOUR world, Rocco, your world is something entirely different.

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    My Dream Oak Dining Room


    Do you ever get an idea in your head and no matter what you do your brain keeps on returning to it? That is me right now with thinking about my dining table. In fact, if Ben got £1.00 for every time I said “dining table” to him in the last few weeks, he’d probably have enough money to emigrate and get away from me incessantly banging on about it.


    Never mind the fact our bedroom still needs the final few details put in place, or that we’re in the middle of a major overhaul of the back garden. Never mind that the stairs and landing need re-plastering and painting, no, my brain is already thinking about the next few jobs to add to the list, namely decorating the spare room and sorting out the dining area.

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    My Money Saving Challenge


    Money. There’s never enough of it is there? Ask a cross-section of society and I’m sure the majority of them would say they could do with a little more in their bank account each month.


    For anyone who has been a long-time reader of this blog, you may remember that a few years back I finally admitted I was financially in a bit of trouble and I spent 2-years working hard and going without in order to be able to clear the debts that were weighing on my shoulders.


    Following that, my life took another sharp veer off-piste and I found myself having to borrow again. Add to that some unforeseen expenditure earlier this year (operation for the cat, loss of earnings for me while I recovered from my Cancer operation plus a few other bits and pieces) and I once again found myself owing a little bit of money. Don’t get me wrong, it’s NOWHERE near the amount of debt I used to have, but just the thought of owing money brings me out in metaphorical hives these days so it’s something I’m now working hard to get on top of.

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