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    #2006vs2016 – My Life


    At any given point in time on social media, there will be some sort of ‘challenge’ going around. For the most part I tend to ignore them, seeing other people’s but never getting involved myself (all with the exception of my my pitiful attempt at the ALS Challenge which took me 5 minutes because of my fear of water) but one that popped up on my Twitter timeline this week really jumped out at me – the #2006vs2016 hashtag.


    Pretty simple in its concept, you simply have to upload a photograph of yourself from 2006 and one from 2016 alongside. I loved seeing some of the people whose faces I know so well as they are now, transported back 10-years to when fashion and style were so much different. Some people looked almost exactly the same, whilst others were unrecognisable. As is only natural, my mind looked back to 2006 and the person I was then.

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    Royal Hotel Southend-on-Sea


    A few weeks ago, Ben and I enjoyed one of the best ‘date days’ we’ve had for a while when we were invited along to sample the delights of the newly refurbished Royal Hotel Southend-on-Sea.


    The Royal Hotel is a building I’m fairly familiar with having gone to college for 3-years in Southend and often walked past it’s door as myself and my friends ventured down to the seafront for a wander and a packet of chips. In fact, one for the fact fans here, Ben actually went to the same college as me and had his lectures in the same department as me at the same time, but we just never spoke to one another! Having been local he also knows the hotel well, attending a drum’n’bass night there when the building was in one of its previous states as a party venue.

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    Christmas Hacks To Make The Festive Season Easier!


    It’s almost December and this weekend is the big one – we’re putting up our tree!


    Last year was our first Christmas together and we spent a happy few hours buying a few key pieces to decorate the house, like the tree, our light-up presents, and our berry bulb lights in soft-white. We spent quite a lot of time and effort making sure we bought only things we loved rather than just stock-piling goodies for the sake of it, but it still worked out pretty expensive.

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    Different Ways To Spend Christmas Day


    Nobody panic but… it’s exactly 1-month until Christmas!


    This sudden realisation hit me this morning while I was getting ready for work and I instantly felt the excitement bubble up within me, swiftly followed by sheer panic as I still need to buy so many presents!


    This year, I’ll be spending Christmas Day with my Dad, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m going to cook up a storm in the kitchen and am currently trying to think of something tasty to make him for dessert. Any recommendations, let me know!

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    Cristal Fat Freezing With La Belle Forme Brentwood


    It’s no secret that I’ve put on weight in the past year or so. I turned 30, I settled down and, most of all, the daily dosage of medication I take was increased by the doctors as my body had adjusted to the old levels I took.


    Within the space of 6-months, I’d piled on 1.5 stone and I can honestly say I hate what I see in the mirror. I move more than ever before, I eat healthily (although I allow myself treats at the weekend) and yet I was getting bigger, and with every centimetre my size increased, my self esteem and confidence dropped even lower.


    Then I received an email from La Belle Forme in Brentwood (previously known as The Skin Clinic). I’d heard of this previously, so when I was offered a complementary treatment, I just knew I was going to try something for weight loss, and it had to be non-intrusive as I didn’t want to commit to full surgery in my quest to lose some timber; I’m not quite that brave.

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    Christmas Party Weight Loss Guide


    It’s that time of year again – the countdown to Christmas has begun; meaning plans for your annual office party will undoubtedly be set in motion. Whether you’ll be dining at a fine restaurant or going out for drinks, Christmas parties allow colleagues to bond and relax away from their desks, creating memories (and some regrets) that’ll be the talk of next year.


    However, amongst all the festivities, did you know you could actually be burning quite a few calories? Check out these Christmas party classics that can surprisingly shed your seasonal calories:

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