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    What Does Family Mean To You?


    I don’t know about you, but over the festive period my thoughts often turn to family. Searching for the perfect present, arranging to spend time together, and sending well wishes to those you can’t see in person.


    One of the things I find most interesting about that time of year is seeing the different dynamics families have, the different ways they are structured and the traditions which are often individual to that group of people.


    This was the second Christmas I’ve been with Ben and the way his family spend their day is very different to my own. Waking together and having breakfast, opening presents, cooking dinner, chatting around the table over turkey and all the trimmings, then playing games while drinking a cool glass of something refreshing.

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    Should We Change Our Style For “The Win”?


    As we all know, fashion and trends are constantly changing and evolving, new fads coming in, then fading out, before coming back round and swinging into popularity again a few years later (chokers, anyone?)


    Working in Shoreditch, I am forever surrounded by people who are at the very front of the fashion times, rocking looks I would never be brave enough to pull off – my ‘style’ (and I use that word loosely) is definitely more jeans-and-jumper than anything that could ever be called edgy or fashion-forward.

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    2017 Goals


    As I briefly touched on in my post the other day, 2016 was a year that I didn’t mind closing the door on. It was a year that saw sadness and heartache for so many people I care about, as well as stresses and strains of my own.


    Money worries, job stress, losing my writing mojo, friend’s falling out, ill health… all minor in their own sense, but enough to cause me some sleepless nights. I also had a period of about 3-months where I really struggled with the inside of my head, second-guessing every element of my life, worrying endlessly about everything, and losing any sort of enthusiasm I had for anything. I sort of felt empty inside, like I was drained, and it took a lot of hard work to get myself back on the straight and narrow.


    As most people do, at the end of each year I tend to reflect on what has happened, what I have achieved and where I am compared to where I would like to be. This year was no different, and having received positive news about a health worry within the last few days of 2016, I felt like it was a push-on to make 2017 something special.

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    The Year That Was – 2016


    I think it goes without saying that the general consensus is that 2016 as a whole was a bit of a poor show. On an international level, we said goodbye to some real icons of television, film, literature and music, but on a personal level, I know there were quite a few people in my world who struggled.


    For me, 2016 was a year that had ups and downs; seeing people I care about going through bad things always hurts, and there was definitely a large dose of that in these past 12-months, and a few stresses and strains of my own took their toll on my frame of mind, leaving me with a decidedly ‘meh’ feeling about this year as a whole.

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    Trouva – My Top Picks Under £20


    It’s no secret that I have a big love for homes and interiors; I can spend hours lost watching property programmes and browsing Rightmove, and the best bit about winter for me is the fact that people switch their lights on before closing their curtains, so as I walk home from work I can have a nosey through their windows to see how they’ve decorated. (Pretty sure that’s not illegal… creepy, maybe, but not illegal…)


    Another – less ‘Peeping Tom’ – way I like to indulge my interiors love is by endlessly browsing online stores to see what is coming in and going out of style, and getting ideas for the future house of my dreams. This year copper has been big news, which was particularly handy for me because it’s the accessory colour I wanted for our main bedroom.

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    Who We Are, 2016


    As I’ve said a thousand times in the past; my intention for this blog is for it to be a record of my life. A footprint in the sand that will give me something to look back on when I’m old and grey, and, if we are so blessed, somewhere that our children and grandchildren will be able to visit so they can know us as the people we are, rather than as a story passed down.


    During the period of time that I found myself unable to write a single sentence or put anything of any value on this website, I did a lot of thinking and now I’m at a point where I know what I want this blog to be. I don’t write for the freebies, the money, or the chance of becoming a full-time blogger (because although all of that is incredible, I’m realistic enough to know I’m too boring to be marketable!) – all I want is for A Penny For Them to be me. To be us. To be our memories. To be our world and everything in it.

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