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    HomeSense Chelmsford – Store Review & What I Bought

    A few weeks ago, I very excitedly told you all about the new HomeSense store opening in Essex (Chelmsford to be specific) and said that I would be popping down there to have a nose around when I had a moment to spare.


    Well, the glorious day arrived that we had a space in our seemingly ever-full diary, and we hopped in the car prepped and ready for some serious homewares action.


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    The Week That Was… Dog Biscuits, Gym-Dodging & True Crime

    Well well well, who would have thought it, I said I was going to blog this series every Sunday and here I am actually doing what I said! Two weeks on the trot… let’s see how long I keep this up for!


    As I type this now, I’m on my sofa, underneath a blanket, with a mug of tea by my side. I should be at the West Ham match but I woke up with a migraine which meant hibernation was my only option for today, but, as ever, I was wracked with guilt sitting here doing nothing, so I thought I’d get the laptop out and do something productive.

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    Home Security – Keeping Your Abode Safe

    It’s becoming ever more noticeable to me in the past week or so that our mornings and evenings are getting darker, and those opportunities to get home from work, cook dinner then sit outside in the garden basking in the last sunshine of the evening are fading as fast as the colours of the leaves.


    In fact, this weekend I was at an outdoor charity event for Amy’s Angels and despite the fact I was wearing three tops and a jacket, I was still cold! I definitely think we’ve kissed goodbye to summer.


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    The Week That Was… FundRaising, Panic-Dinners & Great British Menu

    I’ve been in such a massive rut recently, not just with blogging but with life in general. I’ve had a few things going on that have brought me down and I’ve found myself feeling really miserable and bleugh about everything. The news of Amy being unwell knocked me hard, two good friends of mine fell out and I’ve felt very much trapped in the middle, and my daily medication has given me side effects that have made me feel awful.


    In the grand scheme of things, these issues are all tiny, but I think all added together they’ve left me feeling rather blue. I’ve lost all direction, my confidence has been shattered and all I ever want to do is melt into my sofa under a blanket.

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    What Is Your Cat Saying To You?

    It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover, or that I consider my pets to not just be creatures that live in my home, but to be very important members of my family.


    When Ben and I first got together, him meeting my cats and them liking him was a crucial factor; believe it or not, one of the main reasons my last relationship broke down because my ex hated my cats and told me he couldn’t wait for them to die. I’m afraid, for me, it will always be a case of love me, love my pets!


    At the beginning, in the early stages of our relationship, I clearly remember Ben thinking I was crazy when Wilf meowed from another room and I told him what he wanted. However, fast forward to us having been together 18-months and he understands the noises they make just as well as I do.


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    Untitled design-22

    Online Raffle With Amazing Prizes!

    (Fundraising for Amy’s Angels)


    Not so long ago, I made a big hoo-har about My Return To Blogging, heralding this minor miracle with a month of posting nothing but positivity. I announced I was going to get back on the wagon and get back to posting as regularly as possible whilst not putting pressure on myself to spend my entire time attached to my laptop.


    Then life happened and my free time suddenly became not-so-free as I received some news which filled my brain and, instantaneously, my evenings and weekends.


    A good friend of mine, someone I have known since the age of 11 (that’s 19-years… I’m so old) contacted me to let me know that her daughter, Amy – aged just 7 – had been diagnosed with Cancer. Not only that, but the form of Cancer she has is so rare that the treatment she needs (Proton Beam Therapy) isn’t available in the UK. This means they need to go to America.


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