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    Andi Walker Pop-Up Restaurant at The Riverside Inn, Chelmsford


    If you were to come round to my house and find me sat in front of the TV, you would likely find me watching one of three things – true crime documentaries, Impractical Jokers, or a programme about food. True crime is totally my jam, IJ is the best comedy show on the box by far, and food shows are like a warm, cosy blanket – full on comfort.


    Before we got together, Ben never used to watch any sort of cookery programmes, but now I’ve got him hooked too. Great British Bake Off is on our screens at the moment (I don’t know who I want to win yet), Great British Menu has given me a huge list of chefs whose restaurants I now want to visit, and Masterchef has been my TV addiction ever since it came back to our screens in its current format in 2005. Add to that the Hairy Bikers, Jimmy and Jamie, and Nigel Slater, and honestly, I could spend all day watching other people eating delicious food.+

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    Cranes Cider – Does Low Calorie Mean Less Flavour?


    It’s Friday, the final day of the working week and there’s just a few hours until I can leap up from my desk and run screaming into the street thankful for another 2 days of freedom from the daily grind.


    This weekend Ben and I are off for a day of adventures ticking off some of my 33 Before 33 list, but before that we have my favourite time of the week – Friday evening – and one of my guilty pleasures at the end of a long, hard 5 days in the office is a cheeky little tipple as I kick back and relax on the sofa.

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    Lately (August 2017)


    It’s September and I don’t mean to be a cliché but… where has the year gone? It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready for my sister-in-law’s hen weekend and that was way back in January! 2017 really has flown by.


    August was a bit of a weird month. As I’ve said before, 2017 as a whole has been an absolute rollercoaster for me and August continued in much the same vein, serving me up some low points amongst the (majority of) highs.

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    Our Furball-Friendly Family BBQ With IAMS


    I’m a summer baby through-and-through and literally spend the entirety of Autumn and Winter wishing the time away and looking forward to the return of long, bright days, sunshine and warmth. I almost feel like I physically, mentally and emotionally grind to a halt in the winter months and definitely think hibernation would work well for me, so towards the end of August I find myself clinging on to the summer days and warming haze with little grabby hands and an air of desperation.


    The weekend just gone by was a Bank Holiday in the UK meaning we got our usual Saturday and Sunday plus a bonus Monday off of work and, realistically, being the last hint of summer for the year (unless we get that Indian Summer they always promise) it’s a weekend I always look forward to – three days of downtime and having fun!

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    5 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom


    I’ve mentioned a few times that after we finish the garden, the next job I plan to tackle in the house is getting the bathroom sorted. It’s functional and does what it needs to do, but I don’t find it’s a room I enjoy being in and I’m forever staring at the walls thinking about how I can make it look better.


    In this day and age, bathrooms are a pretty big statement in any house and there’s a little something in all of us I think that loves to be in one that feels like it has a touch of luxury about it. However, for most of us splashing the cash isn’t so easy, or, if you’re like us, you’re living in rented so you’ll want to keep expenditure to a minimum.
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