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    Halloween, the time of year people go spook-crazy, splashing out on scary costumes, filling their homes with cobwebs and spiders, and lining the pockets of pumpkin famers all over the land.


    Celebrating Halloween never used to be such a  big thing in the UK, but as technology has grown the world has grown smaller and this tradition, which has always been mainly American, has found its way well and truly onto our shores where it’s bedded down and made itself part of British culture too.

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    Blogtober #20: Thankful Thursday

    Happy Thursday everyone!


    Ok, so I did consider making this blog post the start of an ongoing series on my blog and/or social media, but, who’re we kidding? We all know how flaky I am and how impossible I find it to stick at anything, so the chances of me beginning any kind of ongoing series is slim-to-none, so let’s all just forget about that…


    Anywho, the theme for today’s Blogtober post is ‘Thankful Thursday’ and I’m taking the time to think about the things in life that I am thankful for.


    In this fast-paced world, it’s pretty easy to get carried away on the waves of time and not notice what you have right in front of you. It’s also easy to become so fixated on what we dont have that we completely miss all the things we do have, taking them for granted and lacking appreciation for them.


    That’s why I thought this was a good little topic to think about; an opportunity for me to sit down, fingers-to-keyboard and really think about the things I have to be grateful for in this life of mine.


    I posted just the other day about how many happy childhood memories I have, so I won’t expand too much on this point, but I really do feel very hashtag-blessed to have the family I do. No matter what path I have chosen in life, they have always been right behind me every step of the way, ready to cheer me on as I climb the heady heights, or catch me as I stumble and scrape my chin on the pavement. I simply couldn’t ask for a better family than I have.


    I don’t have a huge amount of friends – having dropped out of school at 13 I don’t have a group of friends that have grown up alongside me throughout my teen years – but I’ve picked up friends here and there as my life has progressed and I’ve gotta say, this girl done good! From my the friends I’ve known since I was 4 (Hey Ali and Debs!) to the friends I’ve met through work, my online friends I’ve met through Twitter and blogging (one of whom I’m a Maid Of Honour for next year – Sian), right up to the people I’ve met through Ben, I honestly seem to be surrounded by the cream of the crop of humankind. Pretty chuffed with the lot I’ve been dealt, I’m not going to lie.


    WHADDAGUY. He watches me as I dance around the house with the cats in my arms, he listens as I sing Endless Love to the dog, he tolerates me listening to my shocking (although I think it’s awesome) taste in music on Spotify ridiculously loud, and he never judges me. He loves me, supports me, understands me and I know, rain or shine, he’s got my back. It’s pretty awesome being in love with your best friend; I never thought it would happen to me.


    My Home
    My house is a bit small, a teensy bit dark, ridiculously hot upstairs for some unknown reason even professional can’t work out, it’s rented and it’s expensive, but y’know what? It’s home. It’s a roof over my head with perhaps the most laidback Landlord in the world and really nice neighbours. It’s not the house I’d buy, but it’s the house I go home to every night, shut the door and feel myself instantly relax. It might not be perfect, but it’s home and this homebird loves to be there.


    This place has a huge piece of my heart and I feel incredibly lucky to be there 5 days a week. I haven’t done much travelling but I can’t imagine any City ever taking it’s spot in my affections. My ancestry used to walk it’s streets and I have such a natural pull to the place; whether it’s sitting by the river in the blazing summer sunshine or wandering it’s lit-up streets on an autumn evening, there is a sense of magic here that I have never felt anywhere else.


    As I said at the beginning of this post, I definitely think I might try doing #ThankfulThursday on my social channels, but knowing how incapable I am of remembering anything for more than 5-minutes, it probably won’t be too regular… Who’s joining me?


    Read my other Blogtober posts here and be sure to pop back tomorrow for Blogtober #21: A Day In The Life Of…


    Penny xx


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    Blogtober #19: 5 Things That Bring Me Joy

    After yesterday’s post in which I shared with you a few things that scare me rigid, I thought I’d lighten things up today with a little post about things that do the exact opposite, filling me with absolute joy.


    I do strive to see the positive in everything and I’d say, for the most part, I’m a fairly happy person (ignoring the past couple of months, obvs). I like to try and open my eyes and see the good around me – appreciating the small things that happen during  your day inevitably add together to create a larger sense of well-being and who doesn’t want to feel that little buzz of contentedness every day?


    (I’ve been looking forward to this Blogtober post one because I know that once I’ve written about 5 things that bring me joy, I’m going to be feeling pretty chipper!)

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