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    Pet Christmas Gift Guide

    (Cats & Dogs)


    It seems that at this time of year, everywhere you look there are adverts and gift guides showcasing the various presents you can buy for your loved ones. Gadgets for the guys, luxury for the ladies, fun stuff for your friends, but there’s something missing… What about something special for those that are most loyal to us? What about our pets?


    Granted, our pets don’t know what Christmas is, but in my experience, they can definitely tell there is something different about the day, with the smell of cooking in the air, everyone gathered around together, and our general happiness causing us to vibrate on a different frequency which animals can definitely pick up on.


    Anyone with a pet will be able to tell you how they somehow manage to zone in on the gift that’s for them, even before they’ve had a chance to get near it, ripping the paper off in a frenzy the minute they lay their little paws on it.

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    Win A Eukanuba Doggie Christmas Stocking Worth £50!


    Christmas is just around the corner, a time for reflection, gratitude, generosity and showing those you love just how much you care about them. But this doesn’t just include your human family and friends, it’s as good a time as any to spoil your animal buddies rotten too!


    My family have always included all of our pets in our Christmas Day. When I was younger I distinctly remember our pet birds getting a brand new seed treat, our rats were gifted new toys for them to play with, and even our Giant African Land Snails got a cucumber wrapped up for them! Granted, you could argue that animals don’t know what Christmas is and it might be wasted on them, but in my opinion, showing love can never be a waste of time.

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    What I’ve Been Loving…

    (November 2017)


    As we know, I’ve not been the most proactive when it comes to updating this blog, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t always on my mind; I forever find myself thinking “Ah I have to write/tell people about this!”


    Those things can be anything from books I’ve read, programmes or films I’ve watched, something I’ve eaten, somewhere I’ve been, or products I’ve been using, but I don’t always feel able to put together a whole post exclusively about them, either through time constraints or not feeling like I’m knowledgeable enough to give a proper, well-rounded and informative full review (this is especially true in the case of some beauty product – I aint no Zoella as I think you can all tell!)

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    You’re Never Too Old! Making An Adult Christmas Eve Box


    When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was the most magical night of the year. We chose our best plate, popped on mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, then poured a glass of whisky for the big man in red to keep his bones warm on his journey around the world. (Is it illegal to be full of booze when in charge of a sleigh?)


    Soon after, I’d race up the stairs and jump into bed, screwing my eyes shut and willing sleep to come – everyone knows if you’re awake Father Christmas can’t deliver your presents. I always fell asleep though and he never once woke me up as he left a stocking full of gifts at the end of my bed.


    These memories are something I always look back on with a little fuzzy ball of warmth in my chest and now I’m officially a grown-up and settled down (I’m finally accepting I’m an adult now I’m in my 30s) I’ve decided it’s high time that we started creating some traditions of our own.

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    Sharing The Love: My Favourite Blog Posts Of November


    Being the Tazmanian Devil-esque whirlwind of chaos that I am and with the incessant rolling list of To Do’s inside my brain, I recently took the decision to consciously make the effort to create down-time.


    Currently that takes the form of switching my phone to silent, leaving it out of reach and enjoying a good drama on the TV, and using my commute to either have a cheeky train nap or read a book. I’ve also started making the effort to read blogs more.


    When I was having my ‘wobble’ and stepped back from the blogging world, it wasn’t just from the perspective of creating content, but also engaging and reading other people’s blogs. I read what close friends of mine had written if they sent me the links, but other than that, I was resolutely offline and disengaged when it came to digital content.

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    Lately (November 2017)


    It’s a cliche but… didn’t November fly by?? It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was writing about October, and here we are, a month later and I’m left wondering where the time went!


    To be fair, November has been a pretty good month. My brain has been behaving for the most part, I’ve been mega super busy and, somehow, I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done by mid-month. WHO AM I?! Normally I’m that person panicking a couple of weeks into December as I’m not prepared for the festivities at all, but this year I seem to have breezed through it. Not quite sure how that’s happened but I’m not complaining!
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